170201 Crayon Pop’s contract ending in March

On 1 Feb 2017, Chrome Entertainment told Star News in the afternoon that, “Girl group, Crayon Pop’s contract with the company will end in March. There has not been any official discussions with the members on the matter. Whether the contract will be continued on or not will be officially announced after undergoing official discussions with the members.”

Crayon Pop debuted in 2012 under Chrome Entertainment, making a huge hit with ‘Bar Bar Bar’ in 2013. Soyul, will be marrying former H.O.T. member, Moon Heejoon on 12 Feb 2017. Currently, Choa is partaking in the musical, “Hero”, while Geummi is being a narrator for JTCBC, “Dreamstagram”.

Source: Star News

  • h4iumb1

    So the rumors about a contract renewal a few months ago weren´t true 😞

  • Wojcik117

    This is gonna hurt…

    • CP Hwaiting

      I probably will stop listening to kpop altogether..

      • Clay

        I’ve had people recommend a few girl groups to me but they didn’t interest me. They all look so similar. None of the members stand out.

        Only Crayon Pop has differentiated itself from the herd. Unless I just haven’t found the right group yet.


    Wth?! They had to continue contract please! By them I started a wonderful time in my life! I don’t want it to end! We should spam a hashtag #PleaseStayCrayonPop ? But Way said “no dissband” I’m confused! Oh God please no they had to stay…

  • Destiny

    I think that Ellin,Geummi Choa and Way will renew Soyul probably no she have her own life and she is in commercials with Moon Hee Joon and she’s getting married so why had to continue Crayon Pop? Sorry but a lot of people said that her illnes was fake cause she wanted to be with MHJ and Chrome had to take care of Crayon Pop! Fight for them give them a concepts which are popular to get more money! If they didn’t renew I hope that they’ll find a new company which will make them rise by a normal song no some kind of shmirk like Barx3

    • Nando

      “To repay the unchanging love for me, to be able to stand before you as Soyul, Crayon Pop’s maknae, I’ll work hard.”

  • Gabe Santiago

    This is just what I predicted weeks ago & got “slammed” for by irrationals of Crayon Pop fans. All good things must come to an end. Five years is a long time for some groups; an “eternity” for many in the K-Pop industries; e.g. “Bob’s Girls” & others. That’s just show business; nothing terrible about it. The Girls of Crayon Pop are not only winners of the DNA lottery with their phenomenal good looks & beauty, but they’re poised, well behaved, modest & extremely talented. As I predicted the twins: Choa & Way will find plenty of work in dramatic & musical theatre, television and movies. Soyul & her husband to be: Moon Heejoon will become a very popular K-Pop couple. Geummi & Ellin, each with their own charm & talent will be successful, if they play their cards right. The five girls achieved an amazing status in their 5-year career, they became the most prominent good will ambassadors for the Republic Of Korea (South Korea) winning an international foreign correspondent’s award in the process. They will always have the hearts & “Seouls” of a grateful nation: South Korea. Evolution is a part of life; nothing bad about it, if one is willing and capable of rolling with the punches and changing with the times. Crayon Pop is one of the most awarded K-Pop girls group in Korea, and a true “rags-to-riches” story; considering their humble beginnings from street performing with “guerrilla concerts” to stage & screen to world tours in America, Canada & Asia. No body can ever take away their amazing accomplishments. I wish for all of Crayon Pop members a galaxy of success, love & happiness.

    • Sarah

      I don’t wanna say but you know that in kpop are mamy bands with very long terms? And many bands renew contracts many times?

    • h4iumb1

      Though i agree with a lot of what you wrote, i still want to remind everyone that nothing is finalized yet. There is still the possibility of renewing the contract with Chrome. 😉

      • Gabe Santiago

        Nothing would make me happier. Time will tell. All I care about is the girls’ happiness.

        • h4iumb1

          Me too – and i will follow and support each member even if they are no longer performing together as Crayon Pop. But I hope that this will be not become reality already in march. 🙂

  • john

    if crayon pop finished, does this mean its also the end of chrome? can they survive relying only on k-much to make them money?

    • Wojcik117

      That’s what I’m wondering about. They don’t really have anything else than CP.

      • Grean

        Yes it will be the end of Chrome as we know it. Maybe they will manage K-Much with a few employees but if they can’t get another group to sign before CP leaves than that it is.

    • john

      so thats one positive possibility cp will be renewed, if not, everyone will be out of a job

  • Stan Baker

    From way over here it looks like everyone, except Ellin, is prepared to move on. If anyone renews, it will almost certainly be with extraordinary freedom to work outside, financial participation and some kind of guarantee with regard to a release schedule.

    I don’t see any of that happening unless Chrome is not willing to jump headfirst into a post-Crayon Pop era with almost no talent prepared to release. It’s been a grand adventure.

  • ggggg

    “To repay the unchanging love for me, to be able to stand before you as Soyul, Crayon Pop’s maknae, I’ll work hard.”


  • Paul Nikel

    I am sure people attending the Winter Party will perhaps get a better idea than us about how things seem. I am certain the party will be awesome and I am still confident they will continue together as they are a strong group. Back to streaming Doo Doom Chit for me 🙂

    • Nando

      I’m sure Choa, Way and Ellin want to continue, i hope Geummi wants to, and i doubt Soyul could continue but i hope so. So im full of hope

      • Clay

        Geummi is missing in action. We haven’t heard from her since her New Years Day sunrise video. I’m concerned.

        • Paul Nikel

          I am sure there is nothing to worry about, I enjoyed that update very much, Wasn’t she also working on JTBC recently?

      • Paul Nikel

        I am pretty sure all is well

        Ellin looks happy interacting with fans in her latest instagram live video that Crayonpop.me shared on youtube yesterday.
        Way is hungry in her latest instagram today (Choa ate all the cake).
        Choa with her cake on instagram a few days ago (perhaps she did eat it all herself).
        Guemmi perhaps has had some personal circumstances to contend with/didn’t get a chance to post for a while/or been busy generally (my guesses), I am sure she will be back on instagram soon too & I should think with the Winter Party Project and other commitments they have not been able to meet up as much for the last few weeks.
        Soyul will be back too, we just have to be patient 🙂

        Crayon Pop Fighting!!!

  • Clay

    Chrome might be releasing this info publicly to strengthen their negotiating position when they sit down with the members. Scare them a little.

    Chrome may still want to do business with Crayon Pop especially since Soyul and Moon are the first KPOP married couple. This is unprecedented and brings value to the group.

    If Soyul doesn’t sign with Chrome, expect Chrome to seek damages from Soyul. She most likely breached her contract because she worked for SFUN on sick leave. She didn’t act in good faith. They must have been so pissed when they saw that SFUN commercial. LOL!!!

  • Helicopter Parents

    My intuitive sense is that this is the end of Crayon Pop. I say that with sadness, but not bitterness. They have so much more to do, and to be: wives and mothers, in addition to thugs, cult leaders, puppet-masters, ambassadors to other star systems. Youth is a valuable thing. They rode the rocket to the top. Now is the time to create something that will last even more – love, family – these are the valuable things when you look back on your life.

  • grandpopajussi

    Age is a factor–there are not a lot of OLD k-pop stars–look how young they are starting some of these girls these days, barely in their teens. to some degree,these
    idols do have a shelf life- a more sane lifestyle and job may have it’s appeal…
    I imagine all the members of SNSD are going through the same considerations now,
    what next ? Crayon Pop was a joyous happening,and I am glad for the ride.
    Life IS about change, if you don’t change, your not really living…

    • Clay

      Some of them are too young to sign their own contracts. Their parents have to give consent.

    • GFriend

      Kpop has lost a PG-13 wholesome group that can represent korean pop in the international stage proudly, as other groups are rated XXX.

      Well, maybe GFriend can take over that role, as they’re innocent.

      • No

        “GFriend can take over that role, as they’re innocent.”
        Don’t make me laugh, mate.

  • Mark

    I choose to remain hopeful/willfully ignorant.

  • Alfred Larsen

    With all of the high profile disbandments in the last year or so coupled with their lack of success in recent years… I just can’t see them re-signing. I think the best scenario we can hope for would involve Soyul leaving and the group continuing as four. Even that probably isn’t likely at this point.

  • Firefall

    That whole announcement doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know if this is normal in K-pop, but usually contracts are a private matter. If he were to make an announcement about contracts, it will be after official discussions were done and he would announce either “Yes, they renewed” or “No, the group is disband”, and not “we haven’t officially talked about it yet”. This is pure speculation on my part, but I suspect the ball is in the girls’ court. Maybe he is worried the girls will be asking for a better contract, so he wants to create some panic in the fan base to put pressure on the girls to renew quickly. Being concern is expected, but let us all give them room to negotiate the best and most fair contracts possible.

    • Clay

      That’s what I thought originally. Chrome may be trying to put themselves in a better negotiating position.

      But if it’s true their popularity has diminished and Evolution Pop didn’t meet expectations, then I don’t see how the ball is in their court.

      Honestly, I don’t see Soyul coming back. She’s already doing her own thing with Moon. Their SFUN commercial is a glimpse into their future. As the first KPOP couple they have their own niche nobody can take away from them. At best Crayon Pop will continue as a four member group.

      • Paul Nikel

        you can speculate as much as you like lol.. but “SOYUL IS RETURNING” lmao

        • Clay

          I hope she does return. Her statement was very optimistic. She looked amazing in the SFUN commercial.

      • Firefall

        I know Soyul wants to be back, but I also know that we don’t always get what we want. But until Chrome Ent or Soyul herself say she won’t be back, I’ll continue my single-minded stubbornness and continue to believe she will. 😀

    • Wojcik117

      One possibility is that PERHAPS they already know they won’t resign but they are not going to announce it before the Winter Party and now they’re just gradually preparing us for the final information. Perhaps.

    • GFriend

      It’s probably a guerilla marketing from Chrome and Crayon Pop.

  • Drakis07

    I will just leave that comments : Let’s just all wait and see what will happen and just support ALL the girls no matter what they decide to do. That is all.
    Oh, and just one thing don’t expect me to comments more then that on this site, my last comments session here have left me a bitter taste in my mouth so i will comment to a minimum here now.

  • Paul Nikel

    For those that are inclined to believe Crayon Pop are disbanding:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy and show them how much they mean to you

    For those that are inclined to believe Crayon Pop are here to stay:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy and show them how Awesome they are

    For those that are angry at Soyul for any reason:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy to support the other four members

    For those that are sure Soyul will be back:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy as Soyul will respect you even more

    For those that are unhappy about Crayon Pop’s concept’s:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy as it will enable them to create new concept’s

    For those that love the unique & creative style of Crayon Pop:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy share with the world how awesome Crayon Pop is

    For those that believe Geummi has deserted them:
    Stream Doom Doom Chit like crazy & enable the other members to shine

    For those that are certain that Geummi is rock solid & a true leader
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy to support her & the other members

    For those that hate Crayon Pop completely:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit “Crayon pop are not disbanding” you will grow to love them

    For those that can’t make your mind up about Crayon Pop:
    Stream Doo Doom Chit like crazy (but watch Crayon Pop TV & Twins TV first)

    and me I will be streaming Doo Doom Chit like crazy as a fan of an Awesome KPop Group….Crayon Pop Fighting!!!

    • john

      You’ve left out something very important…stream doo doom chit from where?
      YouTube? Spotify? Melon?
      Lets all agree to goto the same site to make the streams really count.
      And I think also the makestar project result also shows how much they mean to the fans

      • Paul Nikel

        I was thinking of youtube as it’s the public face of a song, but Spotify makes extra money and Melon is for ratings so maybe youtube? your right about the project & Crayon Pop it’s great 🙂

    • Wojcik117

      I admire your enthusiasm, but let’s be honest, a few hundred more views on youtube won’t change anything.

      • Paul Nikel

        but that’s how youtube works extra views & and an active comments section = more people taking an interest = more subscribers = more fans to support them and to convince them to stay together (If they were ever to consider disbanding).

      • john

        i think many fans have that attitude thinking that my views only worth 1 view so it doesnt make a difference..but i say keep up the enthusiasm. keep talking it up.
        even if your too busy to stream everyday , but by mentioned it regularly.your reminding others to do it and we need as many as we can get.
        i have read comments on MVs of some big name groups, there are fans were saying they have registered multiple accounts to like the MV, even when they already have millions and millions of views..
        since this comeback i have heard fans say.. i “hope” the MV go viral.. i “hope” we reach top 10.. only hoping will not help , we need to all contribute , even by just posting a comment that creates discussion that give them attention helps

  • robertrickett

    A lot of good stuff has been said and I’ll write more when I see the outcome, but If Chrome and Crayon Pop can’t come to an agreement, I will still be a Crayon Pop fan and continue to enjoy the wealth of work and success they achieved. Before Crayon Pop; Kpop was going in the dead end direction of selling sex and trying to looking like western acts; their were very few girl groups doing anything like CPTV and building a connected fan base with social media and hard work; very few groups tried doing anything different;. Before Crayon Pop; a song like Twice’s TT would have been coincided weird. Crayon Pop’s sudden and unexpected success made the industry stand up, take notice. and make some very important changes. Though the industry doesn’t want to admit it “yet”. Crayon Pop changed and saved Kpop;in many ways.. I will always be proud to be a Crayon Pop fan.

  • My Giwi

    Maybe a communication strategy to put us under pression..😱😞.And in a few days Chrome will say :”don’t worry, Crayon Pop continues !”☺😉

    • My Giwi

      ♻🎼with or without ‘Yul…🎶With or without ‘Yul hohooo🎶🎸

  • CP Ranger

    Hi everybody, I’m CP Ranger from Canada. Thank you for welcoming me into this Crayon Pop Fan Support Group.

    I suppose I should start with why I am such a dedicated & loyal fan. It was through youtube videos of their guerrilla performances that piqued my interest. Going around in bright coloured tracksuits and performing on the cold streets of Seoul and for indifferent subway crowds required a tremendous amount of courage. On top of that, the fact that their staff and CEO were out there with them was truly impressive. The Popjeossi that supported them and followed them around added an extra unique flair to everything. Then, of course, Crayon Pop TV revealed their absolutely endearing personalities and their rags-to-riches story with Bar Bar Bar was very magical and special.

    But, even at the height of their popularity, they still made time to visit a hospital and perform for the patients during Chuseok ( http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/09/crayon-pop-cheers-up-patients-at-busan-paik-hospital-for-chuseok ). One of many instances of Crayon Pop revealing their big, beautiful hearts of gold. Want more examples?

    -Crayon Pop asking for their tarp cover to be removed during a rainy performance because they wanted the fans to have a better view. Other groups are forced to perform in bad weather conditions while Crayon Pop purposefully PUT themselves into bad conditions for their fans. Elgu slipping at 8:44 and laughing it off. 😀

    -The “Celebrity Lives In My House” episode with Crayon Pop was truly touching. I hope Seong-ook’s family is doing well. Bonus Soyul & ‘married life’ moment starting at 9:32.

    -Ellin, with her bold, beautiful heart, picking up a baby for a group photo during their time in Thailand. El-Destroyer wreaking your heart and melting it into a puddle.

    -And, Crayon Pop giving out free hugs. FREE HUGS!!!!!

    Also, I love their slightly rebellious side that started with their delinquent school girl concept. As former CEO Hwang said during his interview ( https://crayonpop.me/ceos-interview/ ):
    “That time, a message I sent to one of the managers on Kakao Talk is
    floating on the internet. The manager had asked me what to do on stage,
    and wanted me to respond with instructions. I just replied “Chew gum”.
    “No matter what, it would have been better than previously. If there’s
    any problems, I would handle it. However, do not chew during the
    rehearsal, only chew while live” (laughs)
    And we really did it. The PD was very unhappy with that initially,
    and the camera directors were quite unsure what to do. But because of
    that, the realtime search terms ranking rose, and people were praising
    me asking me how did I think of that.”

    The Crayon Pop members have continued that rebellious tradition from time to time, like when they boldly held up signs for Ellin’s birthday during the FM era (150402) at a Music Show. I also remember them not appearing on stage during the award announcement at the next music show. Probably got banned that time because of their sign stunt. 😀

    These are just a few examples of many where Crayon Pop have revealed what they are truly like. They possesses great courage and a tremendous amount of love in their hearts. Add to that their uniqueness, dedication to promote happiness and slightly rebellious tendencies and that’s a recipe for me to give them my unwavering loyalty.

    So, no matter the situation or challenges they face, I will always view their actions as being directed by their good hearts.

    Now, this (finally) brings me to something I would like to address stemming from Soyul’s marriage announcement. I truly cannot comprehend the amount of harsh negativity and assumption of the worst in the Crayon Pop members. How can anyone judge any of the members harshly after knowing that, at their core, the Crayon Pop members are truly good people?

    First, why are there people saying Soyul is faking her condition when it was a hospital that diagnosed her? “According to the hospital’s diagnosis, Soyul is suffering from the early stages of anxiety disorder as a result of chronic fatigue, and was advised to undergo rest.” ( https://crayonpop.me/161004-soyul-to-halt-activities-due-to-anxiety-disorder/ )

    Even during their promotion period it was noticeable that something was a little off. Soyul does not appear during part of the Doo Doom Chit MV. During a backstage video where Crayon Pop (inevitably) started talking about food it seemed like Soyul wasn’t even looking directly at the camera. A few times during music show closeups Soyul was barely smiling.

    And, how can her heartfelt message be ignored or considered a lie? “I should have shown my healthy and energetic side to meet everyone, but over the past few years, my body and mind must have had suffered from fatigue..I have been receiving proper treatment, and while resting, I have been reading the supportive messages posted on the fancafe. It is thanks to these messages that I’m doing better. Thank you to all of you.” ( https://crayonpop.me/161201-soyuls-message-on-daum-fancafe-translated/ )

    Maybe everyone got too caught up in the marriage announcement and didn’t take to heart the part in Soyul’s message when she said: “I feel like my fans are the first ones I should be telling this to since they are the ones who give me the most strength…” Not the best decision, but it was the right one for her because she was following her heart. I wonder if she posted on the fancafe before even telling her actual family members. That’s a possible reason why she did not get a chance to inform the other members or Chrome Ent before the media did. Chrome Ent CEO probably figured that the safest way to play out the news was a total communication black out, so that’s probably why we didn’t hear much from the Crayon Pop members and why they didn’t congratulate Soyul publicly. Another reminder that Kpop idols don’t have total freedom.

    A possible reason for Soyul not joining the other members for Christmas/New Year’s greetings is that such things might trigger more anxiety. I’m guessing most doctors would tell a patient to avoid doing things that caused anxiety in the first place. Plus, Soyul showing up and doing a message with the other members would cause a lot of questions that Chrome Ent probably didn’t want to make an effort to deal with.

    Lastly, Soyul’s SFUN (I still read it as SNUF) Box commercial seems (unfortunately) to be a giant lightning rod for extreme condemnation and harsh words from various sides against Soyul, the other Crayon Pop members and (disappointingly) other fans. When I saw the commercial and pictures I just automatically believed that Soyul was able to participate in all of that because the love of her life was right there with her. The man whom she loves, the man she could draw strength from, the man helping her heal, and the man she could focus on when the cameras and the eyes of all the other people were getting too much for her. Is that too much to believe? Did no one else see it the way I did? This is not me being some hopeless romantic. The world is filled with stories of love conquering all.

    Please everyone, you’re welcome to your opinions, but just look at the battlefield of recrimination and broken faith that litters our poor fandom and take responsibility for your words.

    I lived quite an analogue life before Crayon Pop. I didn’t bother with social networking tools and I still don’t have a smart phone. I suppose I don’t really have a lot of experience with creating a totally separate internet personality from who I am. Thus, when I say things like “believe the best in Crayon Pop and each other”, it is because that is how I view the world in general. There’s a lot of beauty in this world and “Crayon Pop” is one of the most beautiful things I know.

    Wow. This has been a really healing (and long) experience for me. Thank you for reading and helping fix some of my stress. Actually, I don’t stress about stuff like this. I just wanted to balance out all the negativity that has become embedded in this fandom. Maybe this support group should be renamed: Sketchbooks That Fix U! Acronyms FTW! mwa huh huh >:D

    • Clay

      Wow. You got with me with believe the best in each other. I stopped thinking like that a long time ago and you’re right. It is the source of a lot of negativity and unhappiness. It hurts the individual and those around them.

      Well today is a new day and I’ll believe everyone is doing the best they can with who they are in this moment. Thanks CP Ranger. You are a great writer by the way. Take it easy.

    • crayon

      Good post, but I cringe every time someone refers to MHJ and Soyul’s relationship as “true love”. They decided to get married after dating for 1 month…Sorry to say this, but that is just a really thoughtless, careless, and plain stupid decision. Don’t be surprised if they get divorced in a couple years time.

      I don’t hate Soyul, but just because you are a fan of someone doesn’t mean you can’t be upset at them for some of the things they do. Personally, I am more angry at MHJ. He seems to only care about himself. Soyul told him that they should wait 5 years before getting married but he proposed anyway. He does not respect Soyul’s wishes. He doesn’t care about what happens to Crayon Pop or Soyul’s career, and he certainly doesn’t care about Crayon Pop’s fans. Whether you like it or not, the idol culture in Asia is not accepting of marriage. Soyul’s career as an idol is effectively over because MHJ could simply not contain himself. Why should he care? His days of being an idol are long gone, and his fans are all married by now. What makes me more upset is that Soyul actually accepted his proposal. Is it really so hard to just date each other for a few years first?

      Then comes the SFUN issue. She is supposed to be on hiatus. She is supposed to be so ill that she cannot partake in any Crayon Pop activities. The other members worked hard to fill her spot. Then suddenly she comes out with this commercial and looks completely fine? Where are her priorities? As far as I know, she hasn’t even spoken to the fans in 2 entire months. And Crayon Pop CD’s are still being sent out with her signature missing. Again, I don’t hate her, the situation just makes me feel uncomfortable.

      Now I’m worried about this press conference that MHJ and Soyul are holding before the wedding. I have a bad feeling Soyul will announce something like a pregnancy and departure from Chrome…Why else would you need a press conference before a wedding unless there is something to talk about? I hope I’m wrong.

      I just needed to rant, sorry if anything I wrote sounded harsh.

      • Helicopter Parents

        “Now I’m worried about this press conference that MHJ and Soyul are holding before the wedding.”

        This is the first I’ve heard of this. When will it be?

        • CP Ranger


          “Originally, the celebrity couple announced to hold their wedding in private, meaning no press allowed.
          However, they decided to hold an official press conference, as well as a photo wall. This allows fans to catch a glimpse of their wedding and hear more about their love story.”

          • Helicopter Parents

            Thanks for the info. So the conference will be on the day of the wedding, Feb 12th. I can’t imagine they’d give out any dramatic announcements, since that would overshadow the wedding.

      • Clay

        Moons going to tell everyone to stay away from his wife and buy SFUN products. Lol!

      • Giosrt Giotrs

        If they wait a bit to marry the child graduates first.

      • CP Ranger

        No worries. I do try to live by the adage of, ‘hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.’ So, I understand and have even considered a lot of your points myself. Please allow me to put forward a few extra things to consider.

        Arranged marriages exist. There are people in arranged marriages who had never met before, and yet find themselves falling as deeply in love and finding a lifetime of happiness as people who married after dating.

        As Kpop idols, both Soyul and Moon Hee Jun have a lot of their lives and personalities on display through various shows and interviews. Obviously, these shows try to cast people in the best light possible and the people on the shows try to put their best face forward. That’s similar to what people do when they go on dates.
        I suppose the shows could almost be like those dating audition videos. Except Soyul’s would be displaying her naturally adorable self from her Chrome-In Meokbang episode contrasted with her Little Pepper Warrior taking out opponents a full head taller than her in wrestling. I’d say any person seeing that would have an extremely likely chance of being smitten with Soyul. 😀

        The reason for announcing the wedding while Soyul is still under contract with Chrome is also something I am a little unsure about. I would like to believe that MHJ thinks a loving marriage will help heal Soyul. I still leave my mind open for any other possibilities, including pregnancy even though Soyul has stated that she is working hard to return to Crayon Pop and even signed her name as “Crayon Pop Soyul” during that wedding photo shoot.

        And yes, I agree that MHJ is selfish. Love, by its very nature, is both generous and selfish.

        Crayon Pop are trail blazers. They have done a lot of things that were not done in Kpop before and were able to persevere through many challenges. I would like to believe that they can continue on with a married member. This will, of course, bring a lot of new challenges. But, just look at Crayon Pop’s Makestar project. Even after Soyul’s wedding announcement, people from all over the world still contributed to the project.

        People with mental health issues don’t always outwardly display the challenges they are facing internally. I believe many try to live life as normally as possible. Robin Williams comes to mind. Such an amazing man bringing so much light and laughter to those around him, but in the end his inner demons consumed him. (RIP Mr Williams.)

        As for the press conference before the wedding, I can’t imagine Soyul effectively announcing Crayon Pop’s funeral during her day of happiness. Maybe they just want to “clear the air” of rumors, or like some are thinking; pregnancy announcement. If it’s not pregnancy, then I really want to see Soyul trolling everyone by having a fake baby bump pillow hiding under her clothing. The reveal of the fake baby bump in front of the media would be extremely entertaining. Soyul would be able to kick start her wedding with a laugh. Mwa huh huh >:)

        • Firefall

          “People with mental health issues don’t always outwardly display the challenges they are facing internally.” So true. Many many years ago, I knew someone who smiles and laughs all the time when we were together. But one day she told me that inside, she always feels so sad. I was too young and immature at the time to understand what she was saying. It was only years later did I start to realize that her laugh wasn’t just a laugh, but also a battlecry to tell whatever demons inside her that she will be fighting back. And her smile was not a fake smile to fool me. It was her proud trophy to show the world that, at that moment at least, she was winning.

          I do not know nor understand what internal struggles Soyul is facing. I just wish she will be happy and successful in spite of it. And if, by chance, this turns out to be a smoke screen and she is indeed pregnant as some people are guessing, than I would feel so relieved that she does not have a mental illness and feel so happy for her. Even though I truly believe Soyul is ill and suffering, and may even argue this point from time to time, I am truly hoping I am wrong.

      • Giosrt Giotrs

        For the press conference I think that Soyul gives the chance to the press and fans to take a photo of her private wedding.

      • GBuster

        Agree with you their on wedding. It’s questionable at best, but as a fan I only wish they find a common path towards friendship/love because that is what makes a marriage work.

        Also, MHJ better treat Soyul like the princess she is.

      • termyt

        I know I’m two weeks late to this party, but I just want to point out that what you say does ring true, crayon. Those are the pitfalls that marriages often fall into after short courtships. However, longer courtships are not immune to many of those troubles (and more of their own – celebrity marriages have a wide range of troubles regardless of courtship length). Many marriages with short courtships last a life time.

        The trick is understanding “true love” is not a thing you will ever have regardless of the length of the courtship going into the marriage. It takes a life time to develop and it’s a lot of hard work. As long as both of them are dedicated to it, it will be a fine marriage regardless if they met on the day of the wedding or ten years before.

        Instead of fearing the disasters that may befall them, pray for their commitment to each other is only strengthened by the trials they face, now together.

    • Giosrt Giotrs
    • Nacho Bidnith

      Just as Crayon Pop is a special group of people, so is their fandom and I feel honored to include myself a fan with so many thoughtful and considerate people as are the ones writing comments here.
      So much has happened since the release of Evolution it’s hard to pinpoint one single thing to talk about in a comment but the range of thoughts on this thread seem to cover just about every worry and concern over the group that I’ve had.
      I won’t try to predict what’s going to happen but no matter what, I’ll continue to support the members of Crayon Pop whether as a group, as individuals or as some combination thereof.
      So no matter what lies ahead, I’ll be there for them and I believe you guys will be there with me.

    • CP Hwaiting

      CP Ranger is one of the greatest fans of crayon pop! reading this post made me feel good.

    • robertrickett

      I haven’t been following this thread sense I put in my positive two cent when it first posted, but I want to thank you for your comments. From the beginning Crayon Pop has taken a beating from the media and anti-fans. They received their strength through the love and support of their fans and each other. To hear that some fans are now miss-trusting a member is heart-wrenching for me. I admire and respect Soyul: I trust her integrity and support her decisions. Crayon Pop continued to love us, through a lot of tears and abuse and now I’ve learned, though an interview article that they received as little as 40 dollars a month, while they were at the height of there popularity and still have received little compensation for their hard work. CP Ranger I’m sure you remember when Crayon Pop fans where of one heart to love and support the girls. I’m hoping the unhappy fans will consider a new outlook. The girls could use our support, now.

      • Helicopter Parents

        I hate to sound defeatist, but unfortunately their continuation as a group is largely dependent on their Korean fans. CK reported over two years ago that the pop-jussi numbers were in steady decline. Clearly there’s still a hardcore group of fans, but are they enough? I have my doubts.

  • Paul Nikel

    Couldn’t Chrome at least release a statement to say they are looking forward to re-signing Crayon Pop or a least give us a hint that they are likely to sign Crayon Pop

    The only thing that is making me wonder is Chromes Finances (I saw mention on another site by a fan that they maybe can’t afford to keep Crayon POP)
    In which case why was the Makestar Project a Winter Party and not a Comeback Project to help finance Crayon Pop, Many things don’t add up.
    All the signs point to this being a non issue, And we will be enjoying Crayon Pop for many years to come but if its out of Crayon Pop’s control then I am not as confident.
    #savecrayonpop (If there is any risk of losing them)

  • Drakis07

    I would like to remind people too like CP Ranger how good person all members are and how they love their fans a lot and how we are important to them. By sharing again my meeting with Crayon pop in Montreal when they toured with Lady Gaga. We were just 3 fans waiting for them just 3 but they still stopped their bus just for us to meet, shake-hand, photos and autograph. How many celebrities would have done the same and be that close to their fans?
    That pic is my wallpaper for my Mac and Iphone since 2014 because it remind how awesome and amazing human beings they are. So let continue to believe in them for the best. Oh and i’m the guy in uh-ee outfit.

    • Clay

      Awesome photo. Were you able to communicate with the language barrier? If yes, what did they say about your head scarf?

      • Drakis07

        I knew a few korean words like “hi” ,”i love you”, “thank you” they knew a few english words too, so we were able to communicate basically. Choa did a high 10 with me, her and Soyul told me “kyouta”(not hard to know that this means Cute.) when they saw me with my head scarf. The meeting was fun but short like 5-6 minutes all members signed my uh-ee album then the managers took the group picture, they took 2 pictures but i think the one i posted is the best one. It’s geummi who saw us first, they were so happy to see fans that they took a pic of us from the bus and sent it to the CEO and the CEO posted it on his instagram. It’s Geummi too who asked the driver to stop the bus so we can meet.

        So how i cannot love those awesome 5 girls, good human beings and good person with hearts as big as the universe and not believe in them in any way? It’s just impossible for me to not like them and to not believe in them. I see them as my 5 younger sister that i love with all my heart forever.

        • Nacho Bidnith

          That’s a great story, thanks for sharing and posting the link to the photo.

          • Drakis07

            Yeah, that’s a amazing story and one of the happiest moments of my life. I did share it a few times here and now i was trying the remind people here how we are important to them too as much they are important to us and how good persons they are all 5 of them and all they want is just make other people around them happy.

  • haus

    all the negativity could have been avoided if they simply pushed the wedding back 1-2 months. but now it just looks like Soyul and her boyfriend are just shitting all over Crayon pop and their fans. CP last single before DDC was over 1.5 years ago, so DDC release was very important… for Soyul to have a fake sickness(vacation) and then make commercial when she’s supposed to be sick is just plain disrespect. all that talk about staying with CP is just PR move. she already mentally quit Crayon pop. Her lack of contact with her agency and her teammates for months speak louder than words. So whats the reason for this dishonesty and disrespect? Soyul entertainment career is non-existant after Crayon pop disbandment and she would just have to find a shitty low paying job. Her boyfriend is basically a Sugar daddy to her, so she doesn’t want to let him get away. that’s why you have this unexpected wedding….. either that or she’s preggers. LOL

    • NeonMoon

      Cagey old fox MHJ , knowing that CP’s contract is coming to end and he’s 40, masterminded this separation. He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse or flat out knocked her up. I find it hard to believe she has anxiety problem…heck, she was a 4 times wrestling champ, besides being with the group for over 5 years; hitting the street doing guerilla performances etc….that showed me she’s strong mentally. The 4 members must have been devastated from Soyul sudden withdrawal…a very distasteful timing indeed! The fab 4 recovered admirably and shined through the make star 600% above budget….that’s just totally awesome.. If Sony or Pony Canyon are still involve, they should renew for another 3 years…a launching pad for their individual careers…

  • GBuster

    I’m ready for the inevitable, but kinda feel like this was going to happen (disbanding) since Soyul’s departure. She is a huge part of that group’s chemistry and what made them special. Her gone and most likely not returning makes them a different group entirely.

    • Clay

      Do you think a new 5th member is a possibility? I only mention it because the 4 girls rocked the comeback with the backup dancers.

      Sure, every once in a while someone would say where’s Soyul? But otherwise I really enjoyed their performances. Maybe a new, young fresh face would work. Are there any examples of groups who successfully replaced a member?

      • GBuster

        A new member is always a possibility, but I have no faith in Chrome.

        • tern

          exactly no faith at all. and how are they gonna afford a new member?

        • Clay

          I guess this is why Ellin has nightmares and can’t sleep. There is too much uncertainty about their immediate future.

    • mar

      what made them special..well i don’t agree with that part (if i got right what do you mean)…she was always the most quiet one and timid she was never the first onen catching my attention.what made this group special in their different personalites and if i have to choose a member that make this group special is ellin with her bright funny goofy personality and the twins cute “fights” and if she is not return i don’t think its gonna be a huge impact for the group the girls were perform great as 4 in this comeback and variety shows.their chemistry is great.

  • My Giwi

    I do not want an end like that for the girls, such a brutal end, as for many Kpop groups. Girls do not deserve that. Even if everything has an end, and if they have the age to marry, I would see an one year extension (or more), with Soyul of course. There would be enough time for the girls to say us goodbye, and for us, time to get used to this goodbye. The winter party should not be the last fan meeting. So … please, continue !!

    • een

      I think the biggest clue is that Chrome started the K-Much renewal project. We know that Chrome cannot run on K-Much alone so starting their renewal project would seem extremely short-sighted if Crayon Pop didn’t have some future with the company. I choose to be optimistic. My guess: announcement at the renewal party along with the release of a new single.

      Fingers crossed. 🙂

  • termyt

    I’ve been mulling this over for a month or so now trying to sort my feelings. If this is the end of Crayon Pop, I will be a little sad, but I will be far more grateful for the 4 years they spent with, us and I am excited and hopeful for what will come next. Whether it is as “Crayon Pop” as a full group or a quartet or they go their separate ways, I will always support them.

    I will always treasure the memories of meeting them in Buffalo, NY chatting with them, and giving them kimchi my brother made with his own two hands. And my face will always light up at them telling that story themselves in an interview and recognizing us at the concert at Incheon. They really do treat their fans well.

    Things like Crayon Pop do not die. They live forever in the music they made and the hearts they touched. It will always be a part of who they are and who we are. I am thankful they shared it with us. God bless Crayon Pop.

  • Jim_Abell

    So… A little more than a day left of March in Korea, has there been any word at all on the situation?…

  • grandpopajussi

    I guess we all just keep watching this site everyday for news…..wish they would announce something–been waiting for so long…