160812 Way on “You are a Gift”

Catch Way on the 44th episode of “You Are A Gift”!

  • If on any circumstance this “crazy and jealous woman” knock in our sweet Way, she will receive the punishment from the “Angel of Violence”. o/ I believe! XD

    • Ready.

    • Wojcik117

      I’d be afraid of her punishment. Would be a shame to get hurt in some kind of “accident”.

      • OMG! Scary now…

      • Well, sometimes the “accident” is intentional, when from Ellin.

        See, “accident” with hillbilly egg involving Ellin & Way.
        Already in time (2:02)

        • Soyul’s opinion about it: “Huh!”
          Same, in 5:15.

          • Nacho Bidnith

            2 questions… How could such a small person eat so much, and how could it be so much fun watching her do it?

          • This creature pictured on bottom is called “ALF” (from a american TV series), it is known to can eat a lot of food because have 8 stomachs.

            Well, nowadays there is strong evidences that the subject about “many stomachs” was strongly inspired by Korean people, that’s what I think. o/

          • WMoksg

            Totally agreed with you bro., i was amazed by CP in everything they do including food lol. The only reason i could confidently say is our girls are always honest and never ashame of being themselves and they’ll always trying their best to entertain us and keep us, their fans happy.

        • Wojcik117

          In this case Elgu didn’t care if her action was evident, all she wanted was to get the egg opened. Not much to say, it’s just how she is x]

          • I know. She is really like this. I just keep laughing a lot and waiting her next step.

        • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

          @lordromulus:disqus Could you send me link of the video of that picture?? Thanks :X

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng


          • I hope what I did helped you for can watch the video.

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

            Make a mistake in the reply T__T. Actually i want the video which ellin kick the shit out of ChoA above. But very thankful for your reply and generous of you ^^

          • No problem! I misunderstood you too, hehehe. Now I got it! Well, that picture where CP girls are wearing green… Unfortunately I don’t have. Seems just a picture, not a video, I think.

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

            if you got it, please send me too ^^

      • @Wojcik117:disqus

        This original shooting is from a video? Do you have a link, if so?