Zan Zan’s MV has been released!

Zan Zan has officially released their “Chicken Feet” MV on their YouTube channel. Watch it below!

Choa’s duet version with Zan Zan can be played here

Also, Zan Zan’s 2nd track from the album

Many people seem to be curious about the song’s lyrics and think it’s a funny song. It is in fact a sad song as mentioned previously


“How about a drink, what are you doing today” Only useless texts from friends

Staring at your photo I could not delete, my heart starts to chill again

Man who couldn’t eat the chicken feet he ordered

I keep recalling that moment when I smiled at that cute scene and tears roll down quietly
If I swallow the pooling tears and delete your photos one by one

It might lessen the pain Tonight, But I end up crying like a fool

I’m not crying because of you. The tears are because the chicken feet is spicy

Even if I miss you, Even if I yearn you

I’m not crying because I can’t forget you

I’m choked up, as if I’ve cried out all the tears in my life (or the eyes watching me strangely)

The aunty padding my shoulder saying “it’s okay” (The aunty padding my shoulder asking “are you okay”)

Suddenly tears roll down my cheeks

Yes, I love you. Yes, I can’t forget you

Yes, I keep missing you, thinking about you

Eating chicken feet which I can’t eat like a fool,

Lying to myself that I will forget you

I’m not crying because I can’t forget about you