What is Crayon Pop up to now?

For the past few days from 4-6 Jan 2015, we have seen the Crayon Pop members posting pictures of themselves in turtlenecks and skirts on their various SNS accounts (here, here, here, here, here and here). Fans have been speculating if this is related to their upcoming comeback that was announced to be in late February.


Although they are indeed filming for a music video, it seems to be more related to the new year as seen in the picture on the Assistant Director’s Instagram than for their comeback. We also see that this is not a sole Crayon Pop endeavor as Andy.A47 from Topp Dogg was also at the scene of the shoot. Similarly, DTBoys was hashtagged on the Assistant Director’s Instagram post. The shoot is currently happening at Wolmido/Chinatown in Incheon. Update: According to the Assistant Director’s replies, this is a collaboration album with Chinese idol singers. This corroborates with the Chinese influence such as wearing Soyul and Geummi wearing the Chinese traditional costume or qipao.

As Crayon Pop has always been tight-lipped about their concepts for their come-backs, it is unlikely they would share teasers so early on. However, there still is the remote possibility this new year music video is for the lunar new year, which will be in late February.

On the other hand, what does everyone think the recent ‘sexy’ drawing of Soyul is hinting at? Update: The ‘sexy’ drawing of Soyul is related to her upcoming solo ‘Y-shirt’ which is a collaboration with Rainbow Bridge Agency. That project was recorded on or before 12 Dec 2014 (compare Choa’s costume to the teaser pictures).

In general, there are three things to look forward to, Soyul’s solo coming out 12 Jan, an unannounced Lunar New Year-related MV, and finally, their comeback MV.

Disclaimer: This is a speculative post on what Crayon Pop is currently doing. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to CrayonPop.me.

Source: Instagram, Twitter 1, Twitter 2

  • apieth

    Just thinking about there is something new already makes me happy ^^
    I’ll wait happily

    • Dwileck

      Really hoping for a full album, excited for anything!

  • numetal_militia

    The sexy Soyul drowing.. I… I… have no idea… But I click on the blue twitter link and apparently the post is no longer there :/

  • Kid-Simple

    Did you know about “Y-Shirt” when you wrote this? Hoping the concept is as sexy as the drawing!

  • robertrickett

    Thanks for this info. I’m hoping they will wear something casual and pretty like this for a comeback. Casual to reinforce their approachability and pretty to let the world know how beautiful our girls are. Personally, I think a sexy concept would be counter productive in maintaining their approachable connection with fans, but one doesn’t have to act sexy to be sexy. The physical attributes and beauty of Crayon Pop does not need reinforcement to be appreciated.


  • Berzerius

    Cktalon: How does it feel, walking on a speculatory ground in a public setting?