Wegen campaign for Leukemia patient

NHN Studio 629 (CEO Choi Hyun-Dong), known to have developed the long running game WooParoo Mountain for Kakao has partnered up with the popular girl group Crayon Pop for a donation drive and had the ceremony on the 17th.The ceremony held in NHN entertainment headquarters was joined by NHNStudio 629 CEO Choi Hyun-Dong, WooParoo Mountain’s development team, Crayon Pop, WeGeneration CEO Hong Gidae, and the director of Korean Children’s Leukemia Society director Lee Cheolsoo.

The campaign involved releasing of Crayon Pop characters in the game WooParoo Mountain for which the revenue would be used for the donation. The charity group WeGeneration also joined in on the effort by co-running the donation drive.

The donation received will be delivered to a 14 year old boy, Yoonsuk, suffering from leukemia along with other children.

Source: Daum, Jopary