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This is Way!
Is everyone well? I miss you >_<
I am in Gangwondo experiencing various things!!!!!
I miss you even more being here <3 hehe
I got an allergic reaction on my face ㅠㅠ hing
How can I recover quickly ㅜㅜ…
It’s not severe but itchy…
It’s continously raining here
How is the weather in Seoul???
After dinner I was taking a break and decided to visit
I hope you end your weekend well and I’ll visit again I love you ^ㅠ^!

다들 잘 있어요? 보고싶어요>_<
저는 강원도에서 여러가지 체험중이랍니다!!!!
여기있으니 더더욱 그대들이 생각나네요♡헤헤
저는 얼굴에 풀독이 올라버렸어요 ㅠ ㅠ힝
이거 어떻게 빨리 낫징 ㅜㅜ …
심하진않은데 간지러워여…
여기는 비가 조금씩 계속 내리구있어요
서울은 날씨가 어떤가용???
잠시 저녁먹고 쉬구있는데 생각나서 들러보았어요
주말 마무리 잘하시구 또올게여 알라뷰^ ㅠ^!

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