Vote on Koreaboo 2014 International Hallyu Awards

Koreaboo is running an International Hallyu Awards from 14 Dec 2014 to 14 Jan 2015. Crayon Pop is nominated in three categories, namely the “Best Sub-Unit“, “Most Unique Concept” and “Most Loyal Fanbase“. Be sure to vote for them hourly!

Source: Facebook, Koreaboo

  • Seems like uphill battles for YongPop against the boy-groups & fan-girls; heard that they create multiple FB/twitter just to vote (-_-) Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at some alternate awards:
    1 Most Genius Instagram posts (Ellin gets my vote for her Easter Eggs, red herrings, hashtags, deliberate misspelling, subliminal messages etc)
    2 Most Enthusiastic or Loudest fanchants (1 of the main reason why YongPop consistently wins in LG Dream Team: Pop-Jussis creating a home ground advantage atmosphere)
    3 Most Badass Fan (Choi Hong Man, that ex-Pro MMA Fighter who has often coached YongPop in LG Dream Team. I think his bias is Soyul lol~)
    3 Best Fan-camer (drighk will win hands down with 6 years of hard work & 8503 fan-cams videos all deleted by YouTube including most if not all of YongPop’s guerillas. They even deleted Strawbery Milk’s first guerilla! Examples: & )
    4 Best International Fansite (u r on that site now)
    5 Best K-Pop Twins in a sub-unit (that’s right, this is biased comment.. haha!~)

  • Friendly reminder: pls remember not to stop when u see ”✓ Submit Vote”
    (very misleading, it shows a tick as if u have already voted)
    click it AGAIN, u should see ”VOTE SUBMITTED” & ”0%” has voted for YongPop.. (-_-)

  • When u go the the site, u straight away see…
    ”Most Loyal Fanbase” and only 5 suggested Groups/FanBase pics. When u accidentally click on 1 of these, your vote is locked, u can NOT un-tick it, but u can change your vote by clicking another pic beside it. The only way to cancel your ‘locked’ vote is to log out or refresh the page or click on ‘More Nominees” to vote others. A quick google search reveals that 4 out of these 5 suggestions are from the same company.
    I find this entire voting process both amusing & disturbing; in fact, it reminds me of elections in pseudo democracies.. 😛