Vote for Crayon Pop on Asia Artist Awards

2016 Asia Artist Awards is the first-ever award which selects artists from both K-Pop and K-Drama for the year of 2016, based on their performance who excelled in Korea as well as in Asian region.

Please cast your vote for your favorite stars for the ‘the Most Popular Artists’ voted by fans. The top 50 artists are selected till the 22nd October. From October 24th to November 2nd, the 50 artists will be narrowed down to 10. The eventual selection amongst the ten finalists will happen from November 3rd to November 12th.

Make sure to vote every day!

The Asia Artist Awards is partnered with StarNews, Money Today, SPOTV, WaysBe

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  • ezekiel

    thank you..^^

  • termyt

    EXO only has 18,000 hits – we can totally do this!

  • Noor Ahmed

    i will vote daily

  • Diego Peralta

    How many times can we vote??

    • ezekiel

      once per day..^^

      • Diego Peralta

        thanks man! 🙂