Vitamin Geummi’s Birthday Project! (Update! Goal Reached!)

6/18 will be our Invisible Leader Geummi’s birthday! We at “Crayon Pop Us Facebook” and “Crayon Pop Reddit” have joined together to create this Birthday Project for her. We’re planning on sending her a couple of birthday gifts as well as some healthy snacks. In order for us to make this happen, We need you (the fans) to help us with a little donation. Our budget for this project is $150.00. If the received donations exceed the required budget, it’ll be kept and saved for the next Crayon Pop project. (Choa/Way Birthday). If any fans would like to do something else besides donating moneImagey, they can donate their own gifts as well. You can ship us your gifts and we will include it together with the project gifts. Below will be the list of gifts we’ll get for her.


  1. Varieties Skin Care Products (Mostly will be from Sephora) -$50
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch Hoodie or Sweater -$30/$40
  3. Healthy Food/Snacks (Probably get from Whole Foods) -$30
  4. Baseball Cap/Snapback -$25/$35
  5. Optional: You can donate your own gifts to us and we will ship them along with our project gifts to Geummi. (An address will be provided at later time)

*We will be shipping out the gifts on 6/10 by EMS. It’s probably a little bit early but it is for unforeseen circumstances at customs. Please have all donations sent before the shipping date. Thank You*


Please have the donations sent to our Paypal: When you’re sending in the money, please remember to send it as “Gift”, and have the fees paid for. Once we receive payment, your donation status will be updated again on this post.

Donation 1. Pawol $30.00 2. Aaron $25.00 3. Bob $150.00

 Total: $205.00 (Goal reached!) Any donation exceeds will go toward ChoA/Way’s Birthday Project and the 2nd Anniversary Project in July. We are still accepting personal gifts to give to Geummi. The deadline is still 6/10. Please have all gifts shipped to us before the deadline date. Thank you again for all the generous support. See the gifts that will be sent to Gummi and the other members of Crayon Pop (personal gifts) below!