Updates on Chrome Entertainment

As some fans might know, Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment had a management overhaul in recent times. It happened approximately in late February 2016. Former CEO and founder, Hwang Hyunchang has left Chrome Entertainment and taking over him is CEO Kim Jeongtae (you can see him pushing the luggage cart for Crayon Pop here). A number of staff have also quit following the change of management. Currently, Manager Suh is the only known manager Crayon Pop has. Manager Eunjung was recently seen at AoA Seolhyun’s fansign.

CEO Kim Jeongtae has many years of experience in the entertainment industry; however, the groups he has led are relatively unknown to both the Korean and international community. As such, it is unknown how well he will be able to lead Crayon Pop in the remaining 15+ months of their 5-year contract.

According to Korean fans, who queried the company, Crayon Pop is slated for a May 2016 comeback. Unfortunately, according to Manager Suh, there is still no confirmed date as of 31 Mar 2016.

According to our sources that we aren’t revealing, a transfer of Chrome Entertainment’s office, dated 22 Feb 2016 happened from Hwang Hyunchang to Kim Jeongtae. Also, on Chrome Entertainment’s page on JobKorea, the name of the CEO (대표자) has changed to Kim Jeongtae (김정태).

There is also reason to believe that CEO Kim Jeongtae has ties with a Chinese entertainment company, STAR GAZE Group Limited. Sometime in late 2015, Crayon Pop had signed a contract with STAR GAZE, and have since appeared on their promotional materials. It is still unknown if Chrome Entertainment has become a subsidiary of STAR GAZE, or if the Sony Music Korea contracts have expired.

As for what this entails for Crayon Pop, it still remains to be seen. This is not the first time Chrome Entertainment has had a management shake up. The first one happened just prior to Bar Bar Bar’s release, with a large number of staff leaving Chrome Entertainment.

I hope fans will carry on supporting whatever Crayon Pop will do in the near and distant future.



  • apieth

    #StayStrongCrayonpop i will always love you

  • Methawee

    Stay srong sketchbook&Crayon Pop.I just hope they will come back soon, and company will take care them well…..

  • ?¿

    What about wife Jung

    • Crayon thug


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  • cp_wh

    Thanks for the update. RE: “CEO Kim Jeongtae (you can see him pushing the luggage cart for Crayon Pop here)” – was that him on the phone while stepping out the door?

    • No, that was Manager Suh. CEO Kim is the one in front of Manager Suh.

      • cp_wh

        thx cp.me

  • h4iumb1

    Thanks for this update. Glad Eunjung got a new job. Crayon Pop fighting!! I hope that the new management will take good care of the girls.

  • Frothy

    Appreciate the update.

  • ezekiel

    thanks for the confirmation.. sad, but i hope CEO Hwang made the right decision.. thank you Mr. Hwang for the great memory of CPTV and crayon pop in your management..TT

  • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

    at that time, all the girls post in insta feel a little bit down. Now i understand :-<< Hope they are ok 🙁

    • apieth

      I think the same

  • Jair__castillo

    Really Sad news 🙁 However, we must continue to support more strongly, the next comeback we need to support much

    • Firefall

      Totally 100% agree!

  • CP Hwaiting

    thanks for the update.. I am also happy that it seems that the girls have left behind the drama.. atleast by their updates in Instagram

  • whynot747100

    My gut tells me this may be the end for CP…sigh…but I will continue to love and support everything they do until that last day. I am confused why a CEO would resign from a fairly successful venture, only weeks away from a comeback and only 15 months left in a contact…My heart hurts knowing these 15 months may be the last with these wonderful and special ladies who have touched all of our hearts. Other agencies will hunt out the twins and Soyul for music, Gummi for acting and Ellin has a career in modeling, and I hope this new album is a huge success. It is shocking news for sure but lets continue to make the CP star shine bright till the very end…Crayon Pop fighting….

    • WMoksg

      That’s exactly what’s my heart felt and said bro…. even if the girls have to bow out, let us make sure Crayon Pop bow out in style! If it has to end some day, let us fight and stay true as their truest fan till the end.

    • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

      It’s so hard for them. Build from nothing to a archive some glory, but now it seem everyone leaving one by one. From other artist to staff and even the CEO. Heartbreaking :-((

    • one day if they………..

      decided to stop performing. I’d like to see them become hosts of food programs. they could travel around the world to taste different foods. its what we usually see on Cptv anyway. or they can be guest judges at cooking competitions

  • Kid-Simple

    Even if CEO Hwang never comes back to Kpop he’ll always have CPTV and Bar Bar Bar to look back on and be proud of. Roly Poly is why he wanted to start a group, and he definitely created something to match it.

  • Firefall

    Thanks for the update! Both Mr. Suh and Eunjung are great managers that takes good care of the girls. I’m glad that Mr. Suh is still there and Eunjung found a new job so quickly. If there’s news on Mr. Hwang, especially if he’s still in the industry, please update us.

  • Firefall

    I tried to google Kim Jeongtae in both languages and I’m getting someone else. Anyone know what groups he has led?

  • NineDaysQueen

    I hope we still have years and years left with CP. The girls seem so passionate, and I want them to continue on.

    I hope everything works out with those that have left.

  • whynot747100

    I can’t help but think this is a situation where to many people have their hands in the cookie jar. They started out small, relatively unknown and had a blast going from rags to riches. CEO Hwang treated them with respect and let them have input on creativity. Now you have Sony Korea in Korea , Pony Cayon in Japan and Star Gaze in China that have a piece of the pie. I think there is fear from those sponsors that their next comeback needs to be a hit. I mean FM kinda failed for them even though it was a great song, concept and music video it only reached #45 on the charts(although was a big hit by KPOP standards internationally). I think there is fear the way it was promoted last time caused it to not do overall well on the charts and I have a feeling to many people were giving Chairman Hwang input on how this should be released and promoted. I feel maybe he just threw hi hands up and said, enough, not going to rock the boat, but to much pressure for this comeback to work now, and no one was respecting how he wanted to promote them. This is just my speculation based on the timing of the resignation.
    I hope for success with this new release but alas fear this album release and promotion might be the last we see of our special girls…I hope not but until the end you have my loyalty…

  • Carlos

    To be honest I started to lose interest in the group after they stopped making CPTV, but I’m still a bit sad to hear this. I hope they can pull through but if not, they had a good run. It was a great Cinderella story.

  • Drakis07

    I just wish that the company will come back stronger and in force and threat the girl with respect and care with new amazing contract for the girls. i wish too that Crayon pop will stay together for many many year to come and with lot of success with their own style and color. My worst fear is see them disbanded and separated in different company like Bob girls. They are more then just a girl group they are a family.

  • maybe

    they’ve now got a new CEO. so maybe they can hire the old CEO to be their full-time producer/cameraman of new episodes of CPTV

  • CP Ranger
    • IINexus ShineII

      In first gif which drama and which ep?

      • ezekiel

        Surplus Princess, i forget which ep..^^

      • CP Ranger

        Surplus Princess, episode 7.

        • IINexus ShineII

          Thanks : )

  • NeonMoon

    Due respect to the unexpected success of Barx3, CEO Hwang9 bit off more than he could chew by attempting to expand too fast with KMuch, Bob Girls n XanXan…probably bled the company dry. He should have focused on the golden gioose- Crayon Pop! He lost many opportunities, especially after Lady GaGa tours, to make them bigger and more famous to reach superstar status…very unfortunate. You have to strike when the irons are hot! He could have gone “all in” with CP, but got distracted with fame n fortune (greed) and took the wrong road. By the time FM comeback, he basically ran the ship aground..probably lack of funding, bad promo tactics n the downward spiral internally. FM is a great and fun number…should be have climbed up the chart…”all kill” if promoted by the big houses i.e.; SM, YG or JYP..
    Either he took the responsibility and stepped down, or they gave him an offer he could not refuse, or he could just be a prick , had a break-down n simply told everyone to shove it and quit!
    I hope this setback is not the calm before the storm.

    • CP Ranger

      I wouldn’t judge Hwang Seongsaeng-nim too harshly. From his interviews, interactions with Crayon Pop & their fans and even from his old Instagram posts, he was not someone enslaved by the pursuit of fame and fortune/greed. He just lacked music industry business experience and knowledge.
      I think he was just dreaming too big and wanted to create a foundation from which Chrome Ent. would be able to survive past Crayon Pop. So he expanded with K-Much, Bob Girls and Zan Zan. I’m guessing K-much’s (~400k) and Bob Girls’ (~600k) view counts are decent for their debut videos on youtube for groups from a small company.
      One major lost opportunity was not releasing a comeback for Crayon Pop after the Lady Gaga tour. That was the whole reason they only did part of the Lady Gaga North American tour.
      FM had a lot of promise. The teaser had about 1 million hits on their Facebook page, the Crayon Pop performance and debut of FM at SXSW had good reviews and online press coverage, their showcase in Korea had a lot of people. But, all of that did not translate into Koreans actually listening to and buying the song. My guess is that, even though it is a great song, it lacks the social & fun aspect of BarBarBar & Uh-ee. You’ll still find BarBarBar & Uh-ee being performed at weddings & birthdays. Maybe HaPaTaKa would have been a better release. Who knows?
      The music industry seems to be extremely harsh and music listeners can be very fickle, so there will always be uncertainty. Hwang Seongsaeng-nim tried his best and his accomplishments speak for themselves.
      I guess I’ll end this post with the adorably entertaining Bob Girls during a time of great optimism from everyone.

      • NeonMoon

        Did not judge CEO Hwang harshly, just calling a spade a spade, for what is-is or was-was. As a loyal fan of CP, I feel more sympathy for the girls..his miscues led to disservice for them to reach their goals. They have trusted and put their faith in him.
        As for KMuch and BobGirls, however much I liked them, their view counts were mere results from riding the coat tails of Crayon Pop’s success.
        I thank CKTalon for releasing an explanation, after so much queries from Reddit. They owe this much to CP’s fandom.
        Hindsight is always 20/20..lol..let’s beam forward to CP’s comeback, I hope that the new CEO has the right savvy and enough money to make it a smashing success.

        • Herro

          100 % agreed. CKTalon releasing an explanation after getting burned on reddit for trying to hide these news tho gave me some lols. Puts all the effort into translating Instagram and gaining Ad clicks, but gets lazy when it comes to real news.

          • CP Ranger

            Hmm… I’m going to safely assume this is meant as a disparaging comment, especially because you posted this opinion twice.

            Please do not forget that everything done on crayonpop.me is voluntary. I think international Crayon Pop fans have grown accustomed/spoiled with frequent updates. But, I don’t think we are owed anyone else’s personal time. Personally, I was also going to ask for more details because the news on reddit was given in such a brief, casual manner for something so monumental. But, after thinking about it for a moment, I realised that the details would not affect my support for Crayon Pop.

            Currently, I think some of the translations for the Instagram posts are being done by another individual. If that person did not step up, I don’t think there’d still be such timely instagram translations (thank you other individual!).

            As for the silly comment about Ad clicks. You don’t honestly believe that the relatively small number of Crayon Pop fans would result in ad revenue that is considered hugely profitable after the cost of the private server, do you? It probably just covers the cost of the server for the website. Initial costs were probably covered by crayonpop.me staff. Money out of their own pockets. Time and money out of their own pockets… for other fans…

            But, all of this doesn’t really matter. What really matters is this:
            “I hope fans will carry on supporting whatever Crayon Pop will do in the near and distant future.”

          • ezekiel

            well said..^^

      • Carlos

        Agreed that HaPaTaKa had more of a CP vibe than FM. I wish they had made a MV for it. Also would have liked to see one for “Feel So Good,” which I thought was a lot better song than “OK”.

  • Oldskool_Fan

    I think it’s time to slowly plan the exit, guys. Until then, keep translating IG lol.

  • CP Ranger

    Can’t believe I almost forgot to post a thank you for this article.
    Thank you CKtalon for the extra research done for this article. I’m sure some folks really appreciate the sense of… ‘closure’ from this information. Now we can, “carry on supporting whatever Crayon Pop will do in the near and distant future.” 🙂

    • Herro

      Yeah, posting an article after he got burrrrned on reddit for trying to hide it. Saying he was lazy, but not lazy to post Instagram ( well, like the last 100 posts lol ) and gaining some clicks and ad.

      • apieth

        Congratulation CKTalon, you got hatters~ kekekeke
        To Mr Herro, he is rich btw, not by some ad clicks

  • robertrickett

    to CKtalon, I just wanted to thank you for this article. From the time I started visiting Crayon Pop.me I have not only been a fan of Crayon Pop but also of this page. Your commitment to providing us with good information and
    keeping us informed has been amazing. One of my best experiences though
    all this, has been benefiting from your efforts; that always added the
    right amount of joy to my day. Please accept a big, wholehearted thank
    you from a grateful gray haired fan.