Updates on Chrome Entertainment

As some fans might know, Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment had a management overhaul in recent times. It happened approximately in late February 2016. Former CEO and founder, Hwang Hyunchang has left Chrome Entertainment and taking over him is CEO Kim Jeongtae (you can see him pushing the luggage cart for Crayon Pop here). A number of staff have also quit following the change of management. Currently, Manager Suh is the only known manager Crayon Pop has. Manager Eunjung was recently seen at AoA Seolhyun’s fansign.

CEO Kim Jeongtae has many years of experience in the entertainment industry; however, the groups he has led are relatively unknown to both the Korean and international community. As such, it is unknown how well he will be able to lead Crayon Pop in the remaining 15+ months of their 5-year contract.

According to Korean fans, who queried the company, Crayon Pop is slated for a May 2016 comeback. Unfortunately, according to Manager Suh, there is still no confirmed date as of 31 Mar 2016.

According to our sources that we aren’t revealing, a transfer of Chrome Entertainment’s office, dated 22 Feb 2016 happened from Hwang Hyunchang to Kim Jeongtae. Also, on Chrome Entertainment’s page on JobKorea, the name of the CEO (대표자) has changed to Kim Jeongtae (김정태).

There is also reason to believe that CEO Kim Jeongtae has ties with a Chinese entertainment company, STAR GAZE Group Limited. Sometime in late 2015, Crayon Pop had signed a contract with STAR GAZE, and have since appeared on their promotional materials. It is still unknown if Chrome Entertainment has become a subsidiary of STAR GAZE, or if the Sony Music Korea contracts have expired.

As for what this entails for Crayon Pop, it still remains to be seen. This is not the first time Chrome Entertainment has had a management shake up. The first one happened just prior to Bar Bar Bar’s release, with a large number of staff leaving Chrome Entertainment.

I hope fans will carry on supporting whatever Crayon Pop will do in the near and distant future.