‘Trot Lovers’ OST repackaged as Special Edition

As the drama ‘Trot Lovers’ is coming to an end this week, a special edition of the OST has been released, with Crayon Pop’s ‘Hey Mister’ as the title track.


Source: Daum Music, XportsNews

  • GBuster

    Good choice for the title track.

    • Neonmoon

      No MV??…can CP perform on their own show??

      • GBuster

        Dont think so since Chrome doesnt have the full rights to the track.

        • Neonmoon

          That sucks..but might have a better chance to win best female OST award..

      • There is a MV for download on Melon. I could only watch a minute because the site isn’t friendly to English only readers.

  • With shipping, $24 to get one song. Ouch. Anyway to legally download?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I just downloaded it today on USA iTunes. The “Lonely Christmas” video is now available there too.