Trailer for Geummi’s ‘6 Persons Room’

Geummi’s first acting project, ‘6 Persons Room’ will be released on 31 Dec 2014. There will be 5 parts to the show of unknown length. Check out the trailer below!

  • poppincrayon

    hmmm, looks good.

  • Yes! Finally!

  • Uncle Fan

    Where will I be able to see this?

  • Ger Popjussi

    can’t wait I need to watch the trailer again and again

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    At 0:55 is Geummi supposed to be drunk?

  • Drakis07

    Me, i hope that someone will sub that for the ones who don’t understand korean, but i will still try to watch it though and omg Geummi look sexy in that.

  • Craycraypop~

    I am really pumped up to see this! The beginng took me by surprise when she smacked him. It is great to see another side of what Geummi can do!

  • Hector M.

    More and more shows and videos coming… You really need to start kidnaping more slave subtitlers and force them to work. Please we need to watch this (and everything else Chrome E.) with subtitles.