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180507 Choa’s Instagram Translated

https://instagram.fhou1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/0dbb075bbc6cc00171d996fec12571e9/5AF95882/t50.2886-16/31449850_227113971378289_7405202290483881765_n.mp4 #Laundry I finished the first performance safely My heart has gotten hot! In the future, during a long stage People who live in Seoul please watch me
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180502 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Musical #Laundry The first performance is really only a few days away From 5/5! #HangOutAndSqueezeYourAchingHeart #HangOutAndBeatTheDustFromYourAchingHeart #DryUpAndGiveYourAchingHeart Source: Instagram
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