Strawberry Milk’s ‘OK’ MV Released

The MV to Strawberry Milk’s ‘OK’ has been officially released! In this fun filled MV, we see the twins’ cute emotions after meeting a guy, presumably Mr. ‘OK’ who closely resembles their ideal man. As they go about singing about his every little gesture and manner of his speech, we get a plethora of interesting moments that are extremely GIF-able.

And also actions that are pretty different from their usual Crayon Pop style, such as turning on their feminine charms as demonstrated by Choa.

And revealing their other charms…

For details, on how to buy it, check out this post. It’s totally ‘OK’ if you didn’t pre-order it as long as you eventually buy it.

Also, if you can’t tell the twins apart, it is also ‘OK’. Just check out our guide here (Choa is on the left, Way on the right)! Maybe when you can eventually tell them apart, you will be Mr. ‘OK’. 😉