Strawberry Milk’s First Mini Album Order Details

As the date for Strawberry Milk’s debut draws closer, music sites are releasing information about the album. It does seem that the album name has changed from ‘Jackpot’ to simply ‘The 1st Mini Album’. The tracklist is as follows with the 4th track being “Please let me know”, composed by Way.

  • 1-1. OK
  • 1-2. Feels So Good
  • 1-3. Hello
  • 1-4. 알려주세요
  • 1-5. OK (Inst.)
  • 1-6. Feels So Good (Inst.)
  • 1-7. Hello (Inst.)
  • 1-8. 알려주세요 (Inst.)

Of course, preorders are live already!
Domestic (in Korea) purchases will come with a Strawberry Milk poster. Preordering from the following sites will give you a chance at winning a signed Polaroid photo of either Way or Choa:

Yes24, Synnara, Aladin, HotTracks, Interpark, MinibandiBnL

For international fans, we unfortunately will not get a chance to win a signed Polaroid as we won’t be able to purchase from the above sites. However, pre-orders for the Strawberry Milk First Mini Album and the optional poster are starting to appear on various sites.  We’ll update with more options as others sites are updated with either physical or digital copies.

Here are price some estimates based on shipping to the US from Kpopmart, Yesasia (with poster and without poster) [Use coupon NEWTWITTER3 for $3 first order OR SAS3NC for $3 off $39, thanks touchthesky for the tip], and Ebay: Grapemusic* (with poster in tube OR with folded poster). *Note that grapemusic will relist items once a specific listing’s inventory has been exhausted.

Price estimates last updated 141011 KST with kpoplus and kpoptown. Our IRC community has mostly purchased from kpopmart and grapemusic in the past with overall positive feedback for both vendors.

Digital Purchase
Sites are slowly updating with the digital album as 141016 approaches. If you find a digital download anywhere else, let us know! We’ll update as more sites update with Strawberry Milk

Amazon (UK, Germany, Italy, France)
Google Play



141016 Updates: Added YesAsia coupon, digital download and streaming options; now available on on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

You can have a rough idea of what’s included in the photobook that’s included with the album. See iPhone 5S for size comparison.

Source: Facebook, YesAsia, Kpopmart

  • Ash

    Do we know if there will be an Australian iTunes release as well?

    • touchthesky

      I’m sure it will be. The sale won’t be counted on the Korean charts, if that matters to you.

    • aknite

      Sony Kr said it would be available on iTunes but I’m not sure if it will be available globally or only in certain countries.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    All purchases will come with a Strawberry Milk poster. YesAsia has the CD and CD+Poster separate, the poster costing $6 more and more to ship. They’re showing a 10/21 ship date. Looks like they’re also taking preorders for the “Title to Be Determined” Japanese CD+DVD release (the DVD being Region 2 if that matters to anyone) to ship on 11/19.

    • For international fans, the perks do not apply to you unfortunately

      Can’t be helped, most sites that provide the sales service are ripoffs.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        IC, thought the “perks” you were referring to were just the polaroids. I don’t mind paying YesAsia, I get their stuff pretty quick here in LA, and they have to make a profit to stay in biz.

  • If someone wants to give me a present, I would be very happy! <3

  • GBuster


  • Drakis07

    Ordered too and with Poster. 🙂 Oh and Kpopmart has reduce the price.

    • touchthesky

      The price hasn’t changed since it was posted here.

      I’m going to order soon, but I can’t decide if I want the poster or not. 🙂

      • Drakis07

        Nevermind i didn’t check the price with the normal shipping. Sorry my mistake.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I always forget how this works…if we buy a physical copy, then that gets registered on the Korean charts, right? But if we buy a digital download on (let’s say) USA iTunes, it doesn’t. Do I have that right? There are so many charts, Korean or otherwise, that it does my head in.

    • touchthesky

      You have it right. You have to buy a physical copy from a store that counts toward the Hanteo Chart (such as YesAsia and Kpopmart). I don’t know if it’s possible to buy the digital album from a Korean site if you aren’t in Korea. Even if you could, I don’t think it would count toward the album charts.

  • touchthesky

    There are $3 off coupon codes for YesAsia available. They might be for first-time customers only.

  • Drakis07

    it’s available on iTunes Canada right now.

    • aknite

      Thanks, looks like it’s available globally

  • Donnie G

    Amazon U.S. has it now as a digital download! YESSSSS!

  • Neuralcircuit

    Crayon Pop – Strawberry Milk Mini Album is available on iTunes (Europe), though more expensive than google play. its €7 on iTunes and €5.5 on Play.

  • Corn

    Ordered the iPhone 5S. thanks

    • aknite

      not the iBend?