Strawberry Milk to hold debut showcase

Crayon Pop’s unit group, Strawberry Milk formed from twin sisters (Choa, Way) will debut with a mini album titled ‘The 1st Mini Album’. Their debut showcase will be held at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam, Seoul, on 15 October 2014 at 4pm.

The debut title song ‘OK’ and ‘Please let me know’ will be showcased on stage by the members of Strawberry Milk.

The lyrics of ‘OK’ expresses the cute emotions of a girl when she meets a guy who closely resembles her ideal person she’s been dreaming about and the how she feels about his every little gesture and manner of his speech.

The song is expected to have an addictive melody and interesting lyrics, with dazzling choreography by ‘Strawberry Milk’.

Before debuting in Crayon Pop, Way was part of an indie band. The song ‘Please let me know’ was self-composed by Way early this year and the main point of the song is that the singing sounds as if one were speaking. The lyrics are both sympathizing and comforting as they illustrate the times when the twin sisters were struggling to be singers, as they often questioned themselves if they were on the right path.

A Chrome Entertainment spokesperson said that, “you can expect from the showcase Strawberry Milk’s opposing charming points”.

The release of the debut mini-album and music video will be at noon on 15 Oct 2014.

P.S. Way is on the left, and Choa on the right.

Source: NaverNews