Strawberry Milk ‘OK’ Signed Giveaway 2.0

뀨잉뀨잉 >ㅅ<

Here at, we are constantly making an effort to support Crayon Pop in any way that we can, and sub-units are no exception.  As Strawberry Milk approaches the final stretch of their promotional run, we’d like to commemorate this grand occasion with all of our fellow Crayon Pop fans.

As some of you may have noticed, at the recent Strawberry Milk Mwave Meet & Greet, our very own project manager procured a sizable number of signed albums.  How many you ask?  We will have in our possession, a whopping 80 signed Strawberry Milk mini albums.  Yes, 80!

Many wondered what we’d do with such a large quantity of albums.  Originally, we planned to build an awesome Strawberry Milk fort, but decided it’d be best instead to host a second giveaway; a giveaway 2.0 if you will.  If you missed out on our previous giveaway, you will have another chance to join us in celebrating Crayon Pop for a chance to win your very own signed copy of Strawberry Milk’s First Mini Album.

Giveaway 2.0

During the coming weeks, we will be giving away signed copies of Strawberry Milk’s First Mini Album.  Winners will be chosen via random drawing, and each participant can earn up to 5 entries per draw.  Complete any of the following 4 tasks for your chance to win:

1. Twitter – Follow us @CrayonPopme
Favorite and Retweet this post’s tweet to receive 1 entry.

2. Facebook – Follow our page here.
Like and Share this post’s Facebook post to receive 1 entry.

3. Tumblr – Follow our page here.
Like and Reblog this post’s Tumblr post to receive 1 entry.

4. Fan Forum – Register to join our Chrome Ent. Artists Fan Forum.
Post an introduction topic here, and tag it with StrawberryMilkGiveaway to receive 2 entries (existing forum members with introduction topics are automatically qualified for 2 entries).

If you’ve won an album with us in the previous giveaway, feel free to participate in this giveaway for a different prize (^_~)!

Winners will be announced anytime, so make sure to complete the tasks as soon as possible and to  stay tuned! Shipping of albums will commence once we receive them from Mwave. Good luck! Hwaiting!

Update (25 Dec 2014): Winners have been decided. We will announce it shortly.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    LOL at the picture. I guess we really are at the tail end of their promotional run.

  • che go da!!!

  • Frothy

    Good luck everyone
    (but me mostly..hahah)

  • Simon

    Hi there, I am from Malaysia
    am I able to join this giveaway as well 🙁
    is this able to send to my country..
    sorry i am new ..

    • Yes, is an international fansite. Everyone is eligible.

      • Simon

        aw okay,
        thanks for replying ;D

      • zul Xz

        Where can i see the results

        • zul Xz

          Plsssssss adminssss

  • GBuster

    Why not.

  • apieth

    Don’t forget to Count on me this time ^^

  • Noor Ahmed

    hi i followed you in twitter and retweet it

    good luck for all
    thank you for this giveaway

  • zombeck

    Does it matter that my usernames for all those entries are different?

    • Way Home

      Same question here. Although my nicknames are a little similar.

  • zul Xz

    So can be send to singapore too????

  • Way Home

    Im on. Wish luck to all!

  • Jack_Dawson

    Espero ganar y regalarle el disco a mi hermana en su cumpleaños.
    Good luck for all.

  • CP Ranger

    Thank you for the continuing generosity, awesome people! I don’t know what the different prize is going to be, but I’ll be practicing my Mr. Miyagi moves just in case… 😀
    And, here’s a quote in the spirit of the Christmas season and for all the generous, hard working people:
    “Well, in Whoville they say,
    that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.
    And then the true meaning of Christmas came through,
    and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!”

    • robertrickett

      I’m assuming the poem is a compliment to, so I’m liking it. But
      in reality, if’s heart grew three sizes larger, the world might
      explode with Love.

      • CP Ranger

        The Dr. Seuss excerpt I quoted was also aimed at the chain of generosity and joy stemming from Crayon Pop with their amazing fan service, to with how international fans have been given a place to come together, to Crayon Pop fans and our support for each other.
        I hope anyone that starts off with a Grinch’s heart that is “two sizes too small” gets inspired by Crayon Pop and also how has done so much for fellow fans.
        Pay it forward, either with a kind act or an extra smile to someone you meet. I certainly have.
        Time for a Love Bomb!

        • robertrickett

          Lovin’ it!!

  • 80! and I will not win any, for sure! because I am the unluckiest guy in the world!

    • Hovinalle

      I guess that makes me the second unluckiest guy then. Now I have a fighting chance!

  • Mary SaMa

    I’m so happy to partecipate in this contest <3 I'ma disperate fan of crayon pop and strawberry milk ^_^ Thank you so much for this opportunity *_*

  • Mary SaMa

    Where it is possible to find the name of the weekly winners? 😀

  • zul Xz

    Where can i see the results

  • JianYen

    Is the winner name list come out ady?