Strawberry Milk ‘OK’ MV Teaser Released

Check it out below!

To those who can’t tell the twins apart, check out the pictures below.

  • Taylor Simon


  • PopjusshiG

    Cuteness overload.!

  • CP Ranger

    Oh man…I’m going to have so many cavities from the sweet/cute overload. Oh well, it’s worth losing my teeth for.
    Strawberry Milk Exploding!!!

  • All dat pink doe lol… CAN’T WAIT!

  • dayana barradas

    first ; left WAY – right CHOA then 0:04 left Choa – right Way. Then 0:08 left Way – right Choa. Then 0:09 left Choa – right Way0:12 choa and way KKKK i know them very well 😛 and I think the dancers are also twin OHHHHH YEAH i think

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I’d like to make a comment but I’m in a diabetic coma.

  • Not bad man! I like the references (insert coin) to arcade games, Tetris/brick game!
    Their Kawaii level is over 9000!

  • Way Home

    Diet for the next months to go… Strawberry Milk *-* lots of it.

  • my life has been worthwhile!