Strawberry Milk Interview with Korean Wave Indonesia

Are there any KWavely friends who like to drink milk? Or like strawberries? Or more like a combination of both, a.k.a strawberry milk? Well, this time KWI is presenting “strawberry milk” for all KWavely. But, this is a strawberry milk that can not be drunk, ㅎㅎㅎ

Debuting on October 15, a sub-unit group of Crayon Pop immediately attracted attention with their title track, “OK”. Strawberry Milk itself is the first sub-unit from Crayon Pop, and consists of twins Way and Choa.

Want to know more about Strawberry Milk and learn more about them? Let’s directly refer to the following interview ~ ^^

– Hello Strawberry Milk! We are from Korean Wave Indonesia. Congratulations on your debut! Can you tell us the meaning of your group name?
[Choa] Hello Korean Wave Indonesia! We are Strawberry Milk. I, Choa, will answer this ~ Way and I always drink milk as a dessert after eating rice. We both really love milk. So, the word “Milk” has made into the group name, and the image of strawberry seems to fits us best. That’s why our group name is Strawberry Milk.

– Your MV teaser and photos are very cute. Are you guys doing Cute concept? Or is there a more specific concept?
[Strawberry Milk] Yeah, our concept is cute and fresh, just like our group name, Strawberry Milk. Starting from the songs, choreography, costume, everything is cute and fresh, so that people who saw us would be passion and cheerful like us.

– Tell us about your debut track, “OK”. What is the story, and who is the composer of the song?
[Strawberry Milk] Yeah, the song is called ‘OK’ and was written by Crazy Park from Crazy Sound, who collaborated with Peter Pan and Shinto. The song tells of a girl who falls in love with a man, which is her ideal type. Whatever is done by the man, even the smallest things, always make the girl fall in love even more. ‘OK’ has a fun and addictive melody, like Crayon pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

– Tell us about your debut album.
[Choa] Our debut album contains 4 songs. There is a ballad track titled ‘Hello’, also ‘Let Me Know (알려 주세요)’ which was written by Way and I. ‘Let Me Know (알려 주세요)’ tells the story of the experiences when we were little, who always dreamed of being singers. There are many obstacles on the way to make it happen, but we always said, “I do not want the others, please tell me if this is the right path”. On this album we sang ballads which we haven’t done so with Crayon Pop. Let’s continue to support and love us ~ 🙂

– What is the difference between Strawberry Milk and Crayon Pop?
[Strawberry Milk] Crayon Pop’s image is naughty cute, while the image of Strawberry Milk is feminine cute. Strawberry Milk also brings ballad to the table that has not been previously performed by Crayon Pop.

– What are the differences and uniqueness of Strawberry Milk, which makes you different from the other sub-units or duo group?
[Strawberry Milk] We think that the most striking difference is because we are a twins unit. But the truth is, when we decided to make this duo, we were focused more on how to do the best, and not to make distinction with other units.

– All the while of being a singer, what are the most fun and the most miserable moments?
[Strawberry Milk] Currently, the most fun one was when we won #1 place on a music show. The saddest moment is when we could not meet with family on our birthdays.

– You two are identical twins. Were there any funny or memorable moments because of that?
[Choa] We’ve swapped a class in Junior High School. That time, Way’s class had an interesting subject, while the subjects in my class was boring math. That’s why Way doesn’t want to exchange the class again, hehehe.

– Do you guys ever quarrel? How do you guys solve it?
[Strawberry Milk] Absolutely, we are always fighting every day. But since we are family, without making up, we will talk again as usual~ 🙂

– Please leak some secret or bad habit of your twin sister which still no one knows about it.
[Choa] Way always stands with one foot.
[Way] Choa-unnie always checks the phone immediately when she wakes up ~

– What is Strawberry Milk’s target for this year?
[Strawberry Milk] We hope that many people will listen to Strawberry Milk’s song. In addition, we also expect our international fans to spread our song more.

– What are Strawberry Milk’s expectations and plans for future?
[Strawberry Milk] Although we are just getting started, later in the future we want to be more developed, and show the other side of us. We hope you continue to look forward and give us a lot of love.

– You’ve came along with Crayon Pop for Asian Dream Cup June 2014 ago. What are your impressions of Indonesia and your fans in Indonesia?
[Strawberry Milk] We had a short visit for the Asian Dream Cup in 2014, but we were very surprised and grateful to see Indonesian fans who recognize and support us. In the future we’ll really wanted to meet Indonesian fans again.

– Please give a few words to the Strawberry Milk fans in Indonesia.
[Strawberry Milk] Hello all, Indonesian fans who love Crayon Pop and Strawberry Milk. If there is a chance, we would love to meet you all in Crayon Pop concert in Indonesia. We are very grateful that you have always supported us even though we are very far away. We will be the Way and Choa who will always grow and developed. Keep continue to support and love us as you do now ~ Strawberry Milk love KWI!!!!

How was KWI interview with Strawberry Milk? They are cute, right? ~ ^^

Thanks to Chrome Entertainment and Strawberry Milk for the exclusive interviews with KWI. Success for Strawberry Milk! Hope to see you again soon in Indonesia ~ ^^

Together with the interview, Choa and Way did a short greeting video for Korean Wave Indonesia.

Hello, we are Strawberry Milk
I’m Choa… I’m Way
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Translated by: apieth (Sketchbooks Indonesia)
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