Strawberry Milk does Fan’s Choreography

At Strawberry Milk’s Japan showcase, Strawberry Milk does parts of fan, Mary SaMaDance’s “Feels so Good” choreography! Mary SaMaDance has been performing Crayon Pop dance covers and creating her own choreographies to songs that didn’t have official choreographies. “Feels so Good” was no exception, and to her surprise, Chrome contacted her recently to obtain permission for using her choreography since the twins liked it very much when they saw it. This is similar to how the Dragon Spin was incorporated to Bar Bar Bar’s dance after the Pop-Jussis performed it at Crayon Pop’s 1st anniversary event. Check out her YouTube channel and see more of this talented lady’s dances!

  • PopjusshiG

    Do other groups/companies do this, or is it a Chrome thing only? I don’t pay to much attention to other groups, certainly not enough know if this is common. I think it’s a great way to make the fans feel more connected, it could be you or me next time. ( if I could dance worth a darn)

    • 2 vids come to mind if u haven’t seem them =)
      1. ”BBC Nine Muses Documentary BBC다큐 나인뮤지스”
      – controversial, brutally honest & pretty dark reality-tv about the competitive nature of K-pop & not-so-plesant CEOs..
      2. White: The Melody Of The Curse
      – a Korean horror movie starring T-ara’s Eunjeong. Gory scares aside, it’s a rare insight at the group dynamics/politics of a typical girl group stuck in extreme profit-driven companies. It is ironic & a case of real life imitating reel life. (themes include plagarism, power struggle, bullying)

      • Neuralcircuit

        Thanks for the tip about the Nine Muses BBC Documentary!

    • poppincrayon

      Good question. I only have time for one group: the amazing Crayon Pop.

  • poppincrayon

    I love this so much!

  • mcf

    I believe the Pop-jussi borrowed that “Dragon Spin” move from these girls (with a slight tweak):

    • i think u r right.. i compared this cover with YongPop performance on same day 2013-07-13, they did not have Dragon Spin & side-to-side jump moves yet… 😛

  • MarySaMa

    thank you so much for this article!! <3