Strawberry Milk ‘1st Mini Album’ Giveaway


While it’s apparent that we love Crayon Pop, these past few years have made clear to us something very important that we feel obligated to mention:

The fans!  Yes, you!

I’m sure we all remember the moment we became enamored by Crayon Pop’s in-elusive charms, and catchy songs, but as we continue to meet like-minded individuals, we’ve come to appreciate the Crayon Pop fan base as a whole.  The Crayon Pop fan base we’ve come to know is respectful, and can do amazing things when we come together.  Our love for Crayon Pop, combined with our appreciation for the loyal Crayon Pop fans has allowed us to provide exciting content daily for our readers, as well as for our viewers.  That being said, we’re proud to finally announce the details of our latest giveaway!

Album Giveaway:

In our possession, are 18 autographed copies of Strawberry Milk’s ‘1st Mini Album’.  Unlike the promotional copies Chrome CEO Hwang teased us with prior to Strawberry Milk’s debut, these are the official retail albums currently being sold in stores.  If you haven’t already purchased a copy (shame on you! :p), we’re glad to inform you that the size and quality of the packaging is amazing.  If you’d like a chance to win a copy, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Read our Comprehensive Support Guide to understand why we’re hosting this giveaway, and how it directly supports Strawberry Milk.

2. Watch, Like, and Comment on Strawberry Milk’s ‘OK(오케이)’ Music Video:

3. Share the video by copying and tweeting and/or share on Facebook the following:

Crayon Pop subunit Strawberry Milk – ‘OK’ MV #StrawberryMilk #딸기우유 #OK #크레용팝 #CrayonPop #CrayonPopme #OKGiveaway

For Facebook, remember to set the post view to Public!

18 winners will be selected and we will announce them in 2 weeks.  Until then, continue to support Strawberry Milk and stay tuned for more updates!

The winners have been announced!

  • Gawliq

    I pre-ordered my autographless copy and I’m waiting for it, but still I would love to have this album with ChoA’s and Way’s autograph, so thank you for this opportunity!

  • Donnie G

    Yes! Will do! Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts! I actually ordered the physical copy and bought the digital album! Full support ahead!

  • Way Home

    Thanks for this!. Of Course ill Support!, count with me :D!

  • Sunny Sun

    Awesome! Thank you!

  • Kid-Simple

    Does it still count without the youtube comment? It won’t let me comment there without a google+ account…

    • aknite

      The official stance is yes but we may or may not be matching every entry. Our future giveaways will likely utilize similar methods and the same actions can help other artists that you may follow.

  • Thien Tu

    This is great that you guys are doing this. Keep it up. I shall support Crayon Pop and Strawberry Milk ALL THE WAY !!!!! get it -Way- 😉 and guys please support my crayon pop fan page @crayon___pop

  • apieth

    I’ve done it all.. ^^
    Trying my luck here kekeke

  • CrayonGeneration

    You should include Google+ as well. Also can you update us every week on how Crayon Pop or Strawberry Milk are doing on the charts when they are promoting? Thanks (:

    • Google+ isn’t included in the social chart rankings. There is Weibo too, but not many English speaking fans have Weibo unfortunately. touchthesky has information on how they are doing currently on our forums.

      • CrayonGeneration

        Oh ok, just in case someone doesn’t have facebook or twitter. Thanks for the link, I hope Crayon Pop can improve more on the charts (:

  • PopjusshiG

    Don’t do Facebook, and never will 🙁

  • CP Ranger

    More wonderful generosity by fans for fans. 🙂
    I’m going to be super ‘arrogant’ and speak for everyone when I say that we are always thankful and appreciative of the tireless work CPme and all the volunteers perform. Thank you awesome people!

  • Kevin Shahzad

    are these real autographed copies or are they “autographed” copies, i.e just printed?

    • aknite

      They’re real autographed. Our staff members obtained them while in Korea after speaking with the manager at one of the Strawberry Milk events.

  • Berzerius


  • Joycelyn Cho

    Wow thank you for holding this giveaway. It would be great to have a signed copy.

  • Littlenana.lovesjota

    Just entered..hope i will be selected..It will be a great bdae present for my sis..Shez a hardcore fan of cp and sm..#fighting!