Soyul’s University Admission Details

JB Family, a hagwon (or cram school) posted information on Soyul’s recent admission into Sungshin Women’s University’s College of Culture and Arts¬†as a visual-media major. Most information such as come back dates and type of come back album it will be might not be accurate.

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Finally admitted into Sungshin Women’s University visual-media Class of 15!!
Park Hyekyeong (Crayon Pop Soyul)

Crayon Pop’s Soyul is a kind of person who says, “the most scary thing to me is to lose the resolution”. She leads a clean and straight life. She’s known for being a humble celebrity. It’s the result of hard working despite the busy schedule. I have many celebrity students, but Soyul is my most cherished student~



Despite a busy Crayon Pop schedule, she showed the passion and commitment to university study, which surprised the people around her.





Soyul also recently released a single album ‘Y-Shirt’.

A Crayon Pop album will be released end Feb – early March.
Hope it will gather attention since it’s the first full album!!!

Posting it because I found Soyul’s mokbang picture while browsing by chance!!

Congratulations on being a Sungshin Women’s University Class of 15 freshman ^^
Let’s have a meal one day Ke Ke

Crayon Pop Fighting!!
Soyul Fighting!

Source: JB Family Academy