Soyul’s former teacher praises Soyul on Daum cafe

A former teacher of Soyul wrote recently on Crayon Pop’s official Daum fancafe in a post titled ‘Thank you Soyul~~! I didn’t forget and even got here~~ Teacher’ and mentioned how she had visited her alma mater. He reminisces about Soyul when she was still a student and thanked her for the signed Crayon Pop album that was given to him. He ends with a cheerful support message.

To Soyul~~
To write it publicly or privately on the official cafe, teacher thought about it for a while~^^ before deciding your actions were commendable, so I decided to make it public.
I wish more fans would know about it so I decided to write a bit on the official cafe.

Last month
After having lunch in school, I was having a break when a familiar young lady(?) came in front of me.
It was our Soyul*^^*, and gave teacher a shock.
“Teacher, thank you very much. I miss you very much~”
Soyul had not forgotten her alma mater, and even purposely visited her alma mater. It makes me feel so grateful.
She was plain and simple, without a manager accompanying her, and came to the school just like that. It left a deep impression.

Do you remember the scene where the principal and other teachers, together with your juniors warmly welcoming you?
You were a bit surprised, right? We even made you do an impromptu speech *^^*
I have seen our Soyul giving speeches on television, and it makes me proud.

When she was in her 2nd year, Soyul was always full of smiles and extremely polite.
Regardless of whatever adversity, not only would Soyul bravely conquer it, but also in an extremely honestly manner.
During our school’s sports meet, she was not one to give up even without shoes. The scene of her biting her lips and finishing the race is still vivid in my mind~ Her sports ability was also excellent^^
During our school excursion’s special performance, you used beautiful dances and voices to touch everyone and give them happiness. I still remember that.

One of the signatures you gave is now put up on our class’ column*^^*
The album you have, the kids in class are all enthusiastically dancing along to it while listening.
I’m very thankful for the letter you wrote in the album~~ It even has the signatures from all the Crayon Pop members~~ I’m so touched*^^*

Soyul, no matter what you do in the future, put in your best
Also, never forget that the fans’ support is the source of your motivation.
I hope you will remain the same old humbleness, enthusiasm and studiousness in your matters. I will keep cheering you and Crayon Pop on~

I can upload pictures here, right? *^^*

이렇게 팬카페에 글을 올려도 될지~^^
개인적으로 써야할지, 고민했는데
그래도 선생님이 넘 기특해서 글을 올린다.
많은 팬분들도 아셨으면 하는 마음에서 여기에 글을 올린다.

지난 달
학교에서 점심식사 후 조용히 휴식을 취하는데 낯익은 소녀(?)가 서 있더군
우리 소율이*^^* 선생님도 깜짝 놀랬어.
‘선생님 감사해요. 보고싶었어요~’
잊지 않고 모교를 방문해준 소율이가 넘 고마웠다.
소탈한 모습으로 매니저분 없이 수수하게 학교찾아온 너의 모습이 인상적이었어.

교장선생님을 비롯 많은 선생님들과 너의 후배들이 열렬히 환영해 준 것 기억나나?
많이 당황하고 힘들었지? 갑작스럽게 연설도 하구 *^^*
선생님은 수업시간에 화면에서 연설(?)하는 소율이가 정말 자랑스러웠다.

2학년때 늘 해맑은 얼굴로 인사성이 밝았던 우리 소율이
무슨일이든 씩씩하게 해내는 너의 모습과 성실했던 우리 소율이
교내 체육대회때 악착같이 맨발로 뛰었던 우리 소율이가 아직도 기억속에 남아있구나~ 역시 운동도 짱^^
그리고 수학여행때 교내 장기자랑에 출전하여 뛰어난 안무와 노래로 엄청난 감동과 환희를 선사해준 너의 모습도 말이다.

네가 해준 싸인하나는 우리반 아이들이 급훈란에 붙여 놓아고*^^*
네가 선물해준 앨범은 울 꼬맹이들이 트렘블잉에서 열심이 점프하며 듣고 있다.
앨범에 적어준 너의 편지 넘 고맙다~~크레용팝 멤버들 싸인도 다 해 주고~~ 완전 감동*^^*

앞으로 무슨일이든 최선을 다하는 소율이
많은 팬들이 너에게 큰 힘이 된다는 사실도 잊지말고
지금처럼 겸손하고 밝고 힘차게 네 일을 잘 해냈으면 좋겠다.
늘 널 응원하고 크레용팝을 응원할께~

사진 올려도 되지? *^^*

Source: Daum Fancafe