“Reversal legend” Crayon Pop aims for the top

Crayon Pop has made known to their fans that they will be back in March. Korea’s most unique girl group plans to make this come back to become the top.

In truth, Crayon Pop’s background story is full of ups and downs. Crayon Pop was initially named Hurricane Pop, and had tried to create a name for themselves in Japan and Korea. A member, Serang decided to go into acting and left, allowing Way to join, forming Crayon Pop.

In the deluge of girl groups debuting, there was no room for Crayon Pop. Girls’ Generation has strongly defended their position as the center of Hallyu, while uniqueness was covered by 2NE1. Besides, there are many minor girl groups uncountable using one’s fingers that makes it hard.

Crayon Pop was embroiled in many controversies. Ilbe and money deposits instead of gifts caused major damage to their image. They started with a bad image even when it’s hard to make it with a good image.

Debut song “Saturday Night”‘s music and performance was ahead of its time. People used to the standard girl groups see Crayon Pop as a unique girl group. Their various controversies also form a challenge.

But everyone’s reversal opportunity eventually comes. Crayon Pop’s reversal came in the form of “Bar Bar Bar”. With a different sound from “Saturday Night”, “Bar Bar Bar”‘s dance and performance caught the eyes and ears of not only Korea, but all over the world.

“Bar Bar Bar” wasn’t well received at first either. But people started singing and dancing along “Bar Bar Bar”. It was due to its distinctive melody, addictive lyrics, and easy to follow choreography.

Korea was taken over by the Crayon Pop craze. Policemen, soldiers, firefighters and various professions all danced Crayon Pop’s “Straight 5 Cylinder Engine Dance”. The “Straight 5 Cylinder Engine Dance” was as popular as Wonder Girls’ “Tell me” dance, and KARA’s “hip dance”.

Crayon Pop’s appearance on music programs did not stop. They had a mantra to not reject any stage. They appeared on “National Song Contest”, a show girl groups rarely appear on. They were also invited by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions to perform.

They also formed Crayhun Pop with Kim Janghoon by announcing “Hero”, a charity project for firemen. There hasn’t been a case of a girl group with so many controversies in their debut to win popularity back again.

It is hard to find another reversal story of a girl group in Korea. By continuing to do their best, without yielding to the controversies, allowed them to accomplish a lot.

They were able to become Korea’s most unique girl group because they faithfully performed their role despite the esoteric concepts, music, performance, etc. Now, no matter how bizarre a concept a girl group adopts, they can’t avoid being called a “Crayon Pop copy cat”.

Now all that remains for Crayon Pop is the summit. Among the many girl groups in Korea, only Girls’ Generation, KARA, and 2NE1 can claim to have been at the summit. With Crayon Pop’s come back ahead, this “Reversal Legend” leaves many expectations of them reaching the top.

Source: Segye

  • NeonMoon

    please no “”REVERSAL”” delays this time!!!…hwaiting…so looking forward to their comeback..

  • apieth

    Hope raised because of this Good article

  • Great article!!!

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  • GBuster

    Keeping the faith.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Seems pretty obvious that these stories are being fed out by Chrome, this reads almost like a press release. I’m guessing within the next couple weeks we should get a firm release date. It might actually happen this time! 🙂

  • robertrickett

    Thanks, this article is encouraging and well written. Crayon Pop has an amazing history of overcoming against all odds. They are already at the pinnacle of my heart and will always be my hero’s, despite the outcome of their next release, but if anyone can break down an impenetrable wall, our girls can do it.

  • eric

    The so called”controversy” was just a press beat up and amounted to nothing more than a misunderstanding of the intentions of their inexperienced CEO tripping over his shoe laces

  • alex

    Addictive simple choreography is key . I only know crayon pop existed 1 week now..i think if they are humble and work hard like the way they started , they can impress people. they probably have tow word 200% comprare to other girl group because they are not plastic surgery beauty dolls. They are unique. I would love to see them in drama though. Except ellin every one can act in drama. Ellin may have look but she can’t speak well.( can’t lie well either). Gummi probably excel in many roles. Soyul has her own charisma. choa/way her roles depends on script that matches their characters.