Registration for 140722 LA Handshake Fanmeeting with Crayon Pop is open!

Crayon Pop will be having a 30 minute handshake fanmeeting in LA, organized by The 1st 100 registrants will be informed as soon as possible about their confirmation. They will be informed about payment at a later date. If you have any questions, join the IRC chatroom. The details are again provided below, but here is the form.

Register in the Live form here!

Registrations are closed.


The details are as follows:
Date: 22 July 2014
Time: 30 minutes anytime between 11:00am-5pm (Attendees to be seated 45 minutes before event begins)
Venue: LA Live Area (Near Staples Center, read below)
Cost: $10-15 by Paypal (Exact cost TBD)

Due to the short amount of time Crayon Pop can allocate for us, we can only accomodate 100 fans. As this will be held in a room, with security to maintain order and to prevent any harm to anyone, the event will not be free. The cost of each ticket will be approximately $10-15 to cover the cost of renting the room, liability insurance and security personnel. The exact details of the venue, actual cost of the ticket and itinerary will be privately emailed to the 100 fans. Full financial records will also be posted after the event.

Also as a result of us being able to meet Crayon Pop live, we will be handing the books to them in person, instead of shipping the 2nd anniversary message books to Korea.

We will also be requiring you to provide your real name when filling out the form, to which you will be carded at the entrance by security. This is to prevent resellers from profiting off a specially organized event for fans. Attendees will be reminded to bring a photo ID on the day of the fanmeet and to arrive earlier in the confirmation e-mail. Details on parking, room details will also be included in that e-mail. The first 100 fans will be notified as soon as possible once their spot is secured.

At a later date/time, another email will be sent to those who secured their spot about the details of the payment. They have 36 hours to Paypal the amount stipulated in the e-mail, or the opportunity will be given to the next person on the list.

Registrations will remain open even after the 1st 100 registrants. People who register after the 1st 100 will be placed on the wait list.

We are just as excited as you and are looking forward to meeting both you and Crayon Pop! Team