Preview of Youku Show “Hallyu Star Traces”

Crayon Pop’s Youku show, “Hallyu Star Traces” which introduces Korea and Korean culture has a preview! It is slated to be released on 24 Jan 2015. The show is sponsored by KFC; and one of the celebrity endorsers is EXO-M, which is the likely reason why there are multiple mentions of EXO in the preview, such as ‘..China’s KFC’s endorser is EXO-sunbae-nims’, ‘EXO has previously bought underwear here’, etc.

Check it out below!

Source: Youku

  • Taylor Simon

    Looks great. Ellin’s bucket of fried chicken had me laughing a lot.

  • numetal_militia

    Crayon Pop: The official queens of fried chicken in Asia.

  • PopjusshiG

    I wonder how Tiba feels about this? Also I love that Choa still wears the rabbit ears hat.

  • KFC being the sponsor is a big deal since it’s a household brand name; KFC much more popular/successful than Mcdonald’s in China! If YongPop becomes China KFC endorser, then Chrome-Ent really hit a homerun. Exo-YongPop collab also good cross-marketing; let’s welcome more CP fan-girls cross-over from Exo fandom~! Another great news is Youku wld have it subbed in mandarin hehehe!
    Anyway, here’s some English Subs [Amateur Version]. Not that accurate but the sub team did their best with existing technology (Windows Movie Maker) & a mediocre command of both Chinese and English.

  • eric

    I guess money speaks loader than words……………Tiba who?