One year on…

Today marks the one year anniversary since ‘Bar Bar Bar’ was performed publicly for the first time on 8 June 2013 despite possible problems with the publishers. It would be impossible to argue that ‘Bar Bar Bar’ wasn’t the turning point in the careers of the members of Crayon Pop, so let’s relive the wonderful moment when Crayon Pop graced us with their presence.

jude28 has compiled a playlist of fancam videos of that hot day at Dongdaemun. Crayon Pop first appeared in their black track suits to perform ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Bing Bing’ and ‘Dancing Queen’, before changing to their now iconic red ‘Bar Bar Bar’ outfits, after which they performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Dancing Queen’.

Hilarious mistakes were made such as Elgu and Geummi getting confusedSoyul getting in the way of Way (hehe) causing her to make a mistake too, Geummi missing a step, Choa being shocked by ‘Bing Bing”s open and poor Way slipping (due to a recently waxed stage). Despite all these, the members interacted well with the fans by going up close and shaking their hands at times. Manager Kim Ginam (Earman Kim) was MC for the event and even commented that Chrome’s CEO Hwang would be killing him for not checking the stage ahead of time. Speaking of Hwangu, he brought along then ‘to-be’ Japanese promotions only member, Arisa (who is no longer with Chrome). The crowd was encouraged to jump, and “don’t mind the people around you”. However, no one jumped…

In this ‘preview’ of ‘Bar Bar Bar’, we see some of the original choreography that had them jumping on the spot after the 5 cylinder dance, the running to the sides (which has now been replaced by the fan made Dragon Spin dance). Also, the moment the 5 cylinder dance occurred, you can hear instant cheers from the audience, solidifying the great creativity Crayon Pop had in the creation of the dance. The only actual dance missing from the preview is the ending of ‘Bar Bar Bar’; instead, the girls ran off to get water guns to spray on the crowd (drenching hg4wee in the process).

The showcase was finally concluded with a short handshake with fans, which was apparently the first handshake event they ever had. According to hg4wee, Elgu being Elgu tried shaking hands with a CD in her hand when it was his turn.

We hope you enjoyed this recap of this if you were around for it, or if you are new, learned something new about Crayon Pop’s history!

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