Live Stream of Asian Dream Cup (Video updated)

It is unknown in what capacity Crayon Pop will be appearing at the Asian Dream Cup, but it is likely to be a performance. Here is a stream (albeit low quality) of the event. It is scheduled for 17:30 -20:30 local time (approximately 3 hours from now).

Update: Crayon Pop closed the stage at the end of the match by performing “Bar Bar Bar” and “Uh-ee”




  • Tiz Style

    We need a stadium as big as this so that all the fans around the world can fit in it and rock the Earth with heavenly chants

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Now that is a responsive crowd. 🙂

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    LOL @ the CP helmet horns~ Another reason to support the South Korea soccer team (they called Red Devils) in World Cup 2014!