Lady Gaga ARTPOP LA 7/22 Concert Tickets Contest Giveaway! (Crayon Pop US Facebook)

Crayon Pop US Facebook is pleased to announce that 3 pairs of ticket will be given away to 3 lucky fans! (Total of 6 tickets, all are for the LA 7/22 date). Absolutely free! It’s all possible due to our wonderful mysterious fan who donated the tickets to us. We can’t thank the fan enough for doing this!

*Since there are 3 pairs of tickets to give away, there will be 3 contests, one for each pair of tickets. And each contest will last for 2 weeks. Starting with our first contest 5/26-6/8, then second contest 6/9-6/22, and third contest 6/23-7/6. All winners will be announce before the next contest begins.

First Contest!!!

  • Must follow us on Twitter.
  • Must like our FB page.
  • Must share this contest on your page.
  • Comment ON the FB post about who is your favorite member in Crayon Pop. (Doesn’t matter how long it is as long as you mean what you say and be truthful. We’ll read everything!!! )

Winner is Tae Kang! Congratulations! We will be contacting you.

Second Contest!!!

  • Submit your personal drawing of Crayon Pop! Post a link of your drawing in the comment box (on Crayon Pop USA Facebook). Winner will be randomly picked out once the deadline ends (6/22 6pm PDT). So start drawing! 🙂

Winner AR Rgh! Please kindly message Crayon Pop USA FB when you get the chance.

Third Contest!!!

  • This time around, it’ll be much easier. To participate, all you have to do is post a picture of Crayon Pop in the comment box (on Crayon Pop USA Facebook) and write why you like that picture. Any picture of Crayon Pop is fine. It can be performances, fancam, drawings, handshake events, etc.

Winner is “Payton Yee”. Please kindly message Crayon Pop USA FB when you get the chance.

Attention Winners will receive 2 tickets each. Once ticket for yourself, and the other is for you to bring along a friend or someone who you think deserves to go with you. TICKETS ARE NOT FOR SALE OR RESELL! If we find out about it, you’ll get a ELBOW from HELL! (just like how Way did to Ellin!) Winners will be contacted through FB private message and details on how the winners would like to receive the tickets. We here at Crayon Pop US are ONLY responsible for providing the tickets. Any other expenses are solely responsible on the winners (travel, food, hotels, etc.) to LA.

What are you waiting for? 

Crayon Pop US Facebook