KBS Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 21 Dec 2014

The episode where Geummi, Ellin and Soyul appeared in a the Korean wrestling special that aired on 21 Dec 2014 has finally been subbed by KBS World. Other girl groups that appeared on the show include Bestie (UJi, Dahye & Hyeyeon), Secret (Hyoseong, Jieun & Hana), Dal Shabet (GaEun, Serri & Jiyul), After School (Raina, Lizzy & Kaeun), Baek Ah Yeon and Miss A (Fei & Min).

Check out the episode below!

  • GBuster

    As I have said before, and Soyul herself read out loud last summer, she is the Terminator.

    • h4iumb1

      Yes, she is, but Ellin did suprisingly well too. I guess having 2 younger brothers pays off in these kind of events. 🙂