Infinite’s Dongwoo calls Crayon Pop’s Way

On a Sukira radio broadcast, Infinite’s Dongwoo called Way (who knew each other during high school days where they attended the same dance institute) in a speed quiz round to see how much Way knows about him, but unfortunately, Way got only 1 right!

They had recently met on Teacher’s Day with their teacher, and Dongwoo paid for everyone’s meals, earning praises from Way. She also pointed out that Dongwoo is a great sunbae with good manners.

Although Dongwoo said his reason for calling Way was because they are close friends, the rest of the Infinite members noted how awkward their conversation was.

Perhaps Dongwoo would like to get to know Way better?

Update: The English subs are out!

  • CKtalon

    Don’t mind me as I pick up pieces of my heart.

    • knite

      Cue Backstreet Boys

  • Tiz Style

    Mr.Dongwoo you gave president madam Way free food, your off the hook this time…

  • ChillerSEAWEED

    Wait wait, Way has a phone now? I thought they weren’t allowed phones. 😮

  • 요한scox

    This is sad. I only ship for Way and Food. No one should be with Way except Mr. Food.