How to Tell the Twins (Choa & Way) apart

With Crayon Pop’s unit, Strawberry Milk, comprised of the twins Choa and Way debuting soon, many will try to tell the twins apart. In the past it was easier due to their hair colors and styles (Way being blond and generally had longer hair), but the twins are making it harder for everyone by trying to look more alike these days. This article will try to illuminate the differences between the twins.

First off, Choa and Way are identical twins born 1 minute apart. They were delivered through a Caesarean section on 12 July 1990. Choa (born Heo Minjin) is the elder sister to Way (born Huh Minsun). Both of them were high school dropouts, but both are attending college after having obtained a general education diploma.

Now on to the differences.


Choa has a mole on her right cheek, while Way doesn’t.

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Choa’s jawline is more U-shaped. This results in a more rectangular-shaped face. On the other hand, Way has a slenderer V-shaped jawline but rounder cheeks, resulting in a more oval-shaped face.

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These animations might help to showcase the differences in their jawlines (Way is the one with long hair in the 1st GIF, and in black in the 2nd GIF).


In general, both their eyes are half-moon shaped. Choa’s eyes are bigger while Way’s eyes are wider as seen in the animation and picture above, however this is too dependent on their expressions. Choa’s eyes are also rounder, while Way’s eyes tend to squint more.


Choa’s ear has a kink, making it elvish-like, while on the other hand, Way’s ears are more rounded.


Way’s nose is slimmer than Choa’s. Maybe you will spot the difference from the picture below, where Choa is on the left, and Way is on the right.

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Way’s skin color is a bit fairer than Choa’s.

Naturally, the list above isn’t exhaustive, and these rules of thumb might not apply all the time. Depending on the angle and make up the twins don on, one will need a holistic picture of them to appreciate all the subtle points. The easiest way to gain the knowledge of that subtlety is to simply watch variety videos with them on it. Crayon Pop Me Subs have annotated who is speaking most of the times in our subbed videos so as to help new fans learn their names in an easier fashion. Watch our recommended playlist!

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