Hello Asia! Interview: Strawberry Milk on ‘OK’ and Crayon Pop Comeback

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au speaks with Crayon Pop sub-unit group Strawberry Milk. Strawberry Milk consists of twins Choa and Way. The duo spoke about the track ‘OK’, Way’s song writing abilities on ‘Let Me Know’, Choa’s acting debut on ‘High School – Love On’ and Crayon Pop’s next comeback and future plans. They also speak about touring with Lady Gaga in the US. (TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Choa and Way congratulations on your sub unit Strawberry Milk. Can you tell me why the name Strawberry Milk was used?
Choa: Choa and Way, both of us really like milk. Because our team knows this, they suggested to put the word ‘milk’ in the name of our sub-group. We thought that milk and straws matches the characteristic of our team which is bubbly and fresh. So we decided our team name as ‘Strawberry Milk’.

Let’s talk about the first track ‘OK’. Can you describe the concept of the track to me please?
Way: The song ‘OK’ is a bubbly and refreshing song which describes the girl’s mind while she is meeting Mr. Right.

The MV for ‘OK’ was really pink and very colourful. Can you talk about the different costumes that was used?
Choa: As we are Strawberry Milk, we chose many costumes in pink. There are a straw costume with a folk and milk costume with a straw. To promote of our sub-unit group ‘Strawberry Milk’, we chose to wear these cute costumes in ‘OK’ M/V.

I want to ask the question about the ballad ‘Let Me Know’. Way, I believe you wrote that song? What is that song about? And will we see more writing from you in the future?
Choa: The music and lyrics of this song was written by Way. Way do study practical music at university.
Way: Because writing music is my hobby, I wrote ballad songs. I want to write various genres of music. This song is based on our story. When we have hard time as a singer, we ask God sincerely whether we are on the right track or not.

Choa you made your acting debut in High School – Love on. What are your thoughts on making your acting debut?
Choa: From childhood, I have had an interest in acting a lot. I enjoyed acting in this drama ‘High School- Love on’. Although it was for an episode, I appeared quite long. I want to act more in the future.

Last time I spoke to you two was in Sydney in front of the Sydney Opera House. What was your memories of Sydney?
Way: Sydney Opera House is the one of famous places in the world. It was such a great memory to do an interview in front of such a famous place. There was a lot of fans watching us doing the interview. We enjoyed it a lot there.

Your main group Crayon Pop toured the USA as an opening act for Lady Gaga last year. What was the experience like? Did you get to meet Lady Gaga?
Choa: On the first day, when we do were doing our rehearsal for the concert she came to watch and support us. It was our first time to see her, but she was really friendly like ‘unni’ to us. We thanked her for the opportunity. We did learn lots of things for a month there.

You also performed at your very own Chrome Family Concert last year. How did it go? Are you excited for your Japanese debut?
Way: It was the first time for Chrome Family to perform in Japan. Previously, we only did our concerts in Korea. As fans in Japan really liked the concert, we could finish our concert well there. We are excited for our new album to be released in Japan next year. We will do our best to meet our fans in Japan.

What are your plans for the rest of 2014?
We are currently working on our next album for Crayon Pop. Also we prepare for our schedules overseas. We will prepare for our new album for Crayon Pop and do our schedule at same time.

Message for fans
We came back as a sub-unit ‘Strawberry Milk’. ‘OK’ is a song with an exciting rhythm. Please support ‘OK’. Also, please support both ‘Crayon Pop’ and its sub-unit group ‘Strawberry Milk’. Thank you all!
Check out the exciting preview video for Crayon Pop’s comeback ‘FM’:

Source: Hello Asia!