Happy Birthday Hg4wee!

One of the many Hg4wee Photoshop edits, a running gag amongst international fans.

Many fans of the international Crayon Pop community have attributed much Crayon Pop’s appeal to their quirky and charming personalities, as well as their tenacity as an idol group.  Fans have enjoyed countless documentaries, interviews, and variety shows, showcasing Crayon Pop’s rise to stardom.

The good folks over at Crayon Pop Slave Subs (CPSS) have generously donated their time and effort to bring the English-speaking community subbed content, release after release.  They have also collaborated with the Taiwanese fan community to bring Crayon Pop content to the Chinese-speaking communities as well.

If you’ve enjoyed a video release by CPSS, chances are that video was translated by Hg4wee.  Hg4wee was first introduced to Crayon Pop during his time in Korea, and was even featured in the global version of the Bar Bar Bar music video.  Although Hg4wee is no longer in Korea, he has continued to contribute to the international fan community through his translation services, and connection to the Korean fan base.  He has translated not only videos, but also Crayon Pop birthdays and anniversary projects.

Today, May 29th marks Hg4wee’s birthday.  On behalf of the international Crayon Pop community, we here at CrayonPop.me would like to not only wish him a happy birthday, but thank him for all that he has contributed to our community.  The fan base is stronger because of him, and we look forward to its continued growth.  Thank you Hg!! HANDSOME GUY!