Guide: MelOn – Supporting by Rating and Liking

Now, on to the MelOn guide which seeks to rate and like the single, mini-album, or album that Crayon Pop is currently promoting.  We’ll be using Strawberry Milk for this guide!

Step 1: Navigate to
Step 2: Click the register text that’s bolded below the square button on the right







Step 3: Fill in the checkboxes in order to agree to the term and click on the green button at the bottom of the page.002Step 4: Fill in the requested information in the boxes then click the green button at the bottom to go to the next step.  Do note that utilizing either Daum or Naver e-mail addresses will minize delays or issues with receiving a verification code in Step 5.
004Step 5a: Type your e-mail address (Daum or Naver recommended) and click the button to the right of the field.  
Step 5b: You will receive a six digit verification code at the registered e-mail address from Step 4.  Place in the second empty field and click the button to the right to authenticate the code.
Step 5c: Fill in the blank to either opt into receiving e-mails from MelOn or to opt out of it.
Step 5d: Fill the last field with the six digit captcha that appears.
Step 5e: Click the button at the bottom.

If you were to encounter a Korean CAPTCHA, you can try going to Google Translate, switch the left field’s language to Korean, and select Korean-Handwrite. Begin drawing out what characters you see. You can do character by character or all in one go.

Select the characters that look most like the one on the CAPTCHA and the Korean words will appear in the translation field. Copy and paste it for your CAPTCHA verfication.



Once you’re registered, it’s time to search for the album and like!


IMPORTANT: To obtain a Melon subscription, you can follow the guide at KSoul after completing the steps above.

  1. Have an iTunes account and iPhone or iPad device.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the flag to change your country region to Korea. Save changes.
  3. You should be in the Korean app store.
  4. Search for 멜론 or melon.
  5. Download and install.
  6. Launch the Melon App.
  7. Go to in-app payments.
  8. Purchase a plan. The plans are:

i-스마트 프리티켓 (unlimited streaming) USD 9.89
i-MP3 30 플러스 (unlimited streaming + 30 DRM-free mp3 downloads) USD 10.99
i-MP3 50 플러스 (unlimited streaming + 50 DRM-free mp3 downloads) USD 14.29
i-MP3 100 플러스 (unlimited streaming + 100 DRM-free mp3 downloads) USD 17.59

We recommend the 9.89 USD plan or the 10.99 USD plan.

P.S. Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated so critique away! Suggestions will be applied into the next guide update.

  • Guest

    I do not know why not send me the number to my Email. ;(

    • Try click on “e-mail’ and “autentication” buttons again, wait a couple of minutes and get it. Be patient! Any way, refresh the “Join Prevent” button too, for renew this numbers. Be happy!

      Look at this picture ♥

    • Green Sea

      maybe the mail was put in spam.

      • Yes, definitely check your spam inbox. Melon’s emails tend to be sent into the spam folder on Gmail.

  • Dayana B

    ohhh yessss thank you very much, I will do it, because they did a good and beautiful job

  • Dayana B

    thank u guys 🙂 from venezuela

  • Berzerius

    i’m stuck at the password selection. I tried all sorts of alphanumeric and symbols. nothing gets through

    • Try a minimum of 8 charachters with one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, and no symbols

      • Guest

        My password matches all those rules i am still stuck with this same error

        “비밀번호는 영문+숫자 6자~20자로 사용가능하며, 특수문자 ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ = + | [ ] { } ‘ ” ; : / ? . > , < 이용 가능합니다.

        아이디와 3자 이상 중복하거나, 3자 이상 연속(123/abc) 또는 중복 문자, 숫자(111/aaa)는 사용할 수 없습니다."

        • Your ID is not unique (it has been taken by someone else). Add a few more numbers behind your ID to make it unique.

          Your password should not have any of those symbols listen in the Korean message.

  • Drakis07

    melon rejected my both email that i tried 🙁

    • Daum or Naver e-mail account is the way to go if all else fails. You can register one using this guide:

      • Drakis07

        i got a Daum account but there was nothing there who looked like a new email to do.


          Same login as you use for the cafe

          • Drakis07

            hum, if i remember well i used my gmail account to create my Daum account and i just use my username to login on Daum. I wish i could read korean to find out how to find my daum email. Oh well at least i tried. lol thank you for the help and advice thought.

          • it will be your daum id

          • Drakis07

            ok when i will have time i will try with that thank you 🙂

          • Drakis07

            yay i was able to find my daum email and create my melon account. thank you a lot for the help 🙂

          • Capa

            Did you type in English alphabets? I tried to fill my details but kept getting a Korean message.

          • You can type English. Make sure it meets the length requirements, etc. You might want to take a screenshot so that we can pinpoint what the problem is.

            Also your ID might not be unique enough (it has been taken by someone else). Generally add a few numbers behind your user name to ensure uniqueness.

          • Drakis07

            yup i did write in english alphabet, but since it’s a korean site it,s normal that the message they send are in korean. But the registration did work well and i was able to vote. Like the guide say Daum or Naver email is the only one who really work thought.

  • Capa

    I’m stuck at Step 2. What bolded square button on the right???

    • See image

      • Capa

        Thanks. It got me to the registration page. But there they don;t accept words in English so a message keeps popping out everytime I try o fill in my details. I suppose it’s telling me to type in Korean!

        • You can try using this keyboard:

          Each character are often in 3 parts, top left, right then bottom so if you type in that order, you should be able to get it; hit the shift if they seem like a combination of one letter. I played around with it until I got the characters I needed

  • Jannina Jara

    Why does it tell me that i can’t use my hotmail e-mail account to register?? 🙁

    • Jannina Jara

      Nevermind. One of the comments below helped me out xp

  • Corpus

    Im really trying so hard but melon blocked the proxy for Mexico :S