Geummi’s Webdrama ‘6 Persons Room’

Catch the webdrama below! Be sure to ‘heart’ the episode and the show on the actual video page to show your support as Geummi is the first member of Crayon Pop to take on a leading role.

It will prompt you to create a Naver account if you do not have one. The registration process should be straightforward as it is in English. All 5 episodes are out!

Source: Naver TVcast

  • Craycraypop~


  • Frothy

    Tried to register @ Naver, but the phone # section did not have an “Australian” button on the drop down. I will watch anyway.

  • NeonMoon

    what an all round performance …spunk, pizzaz, drunkard, romance, sadness, singing and a hot kissing scene..all wrap in short drama..high marks for Geummi’s debut…even without eng. sub..DAEBAK!!!

    • apieth

      Man… You write what i want to speak hahaha

      • NeonMoon

        HaHaHa…in part 2 she was even wearing “yellow” crayon pop outfit..

  • PopjusshiG

    WOW! Very impressed by Geummis’ talent, she went way past my expectations. I’m sure she’ll get some friendly jabs about the kissing scene. Liked the duet song very much as well. Two thumbs up for me.

  • 1. The kiss

    • mumu

      Which episode and time-stamp??

      • 1. End of Episode 1
        2. Episode 2, 3:54
        3. Episode 4. 1:00

  • apieth

    Please find me the soundtrack…
    I really want it

  • OMG Geummi is incredibly beautiful!!!

  • (reminder..stopped @ p2, 02:30, continue later)

  • need the english sub? when???

  • Hector M.

    More and more shows, variety shows, etc. coming… You really need to start
    kidnaping more slave subtitlers and force them to work. Please we need
    to watch this (and everything else Chrome E.) with subtitles.

  • Just finished the whole thing. Wow it’s pretty sad! :*(

  • NeonMoon

    Moral to the story..strap on the frickin’ HELMET!…also click on your seat belts!!…Happy New Year..all the very best for 2015…peace and love to all

  • Drakis07

    I just finished to watch the whole thing and i think that Geummi is the real hidden card lol and a very very talented, hot, sexy and beautiful woman even her singing skill is very well hidden. I must say now that i see her a little differently now. About the story, i must say that probably because i don’t understand Korean i did find it very confusing like what was real and what was seemed a Hallucination and what really happened.

  • I really liked Gummi’s song, so soft and soothing!

  • h4iumb1

    Just watched it and I am quite impressed with the story, the actors and the production value (watched it in 1080p on my big screen). Because I never have seen a webdrama before I expected some kind of cheap video. The story was easy to follow though I understand as much korean as the rest of you – Subs-team excluded 😉 And Geummi was just great, especially for her very first role. Looking forward to more acting jobs for her.

  • Way Home

    The song… that song i love it, it´s sublime, as our Geummi, like a angel, with warm heart

  • apieth

    I can’t stop watching..
    Geummi’s charm overload..
    Nice to see her many different side from her acting ^^
    This web drama is Good (for me) coz i only watching movie which has a funny, sad, awesome, surprise, happy, story, etc, all in one. ^^

  • sdaf

    Are you guys going to sub this ?

    • Not likely as of now due to lack of translators.

      • Me

        awww thats a shame :'(

  • MIc

    Would you know who would sub this drama ?