Geummi on set of ‘6 Persons Room’

The male lead to the web drama, ‘Six Persons Room’ has been revealed to be Bang Sunghoon. A few pictures on set were released on a personal blog too.

Sung Hoon will be the main lead for Web Drama “6 Persons Room”

Sung Hoon has been selected as the main lead in the web drama “6 Persons Room” which is produced by South Korea Safety Corporation. It is directed by Kim Doyeon.

“6 Persons Room” is a drama relate to the events in 6 bed 6 patients in hospital rooms.

The objective of this drama is addressing more attention for safety awareness and risk of industrial accidents.

Sung Hoon will be playing as “Kim Min Soo”, an assistant manager at a large construction company. With a handsome face, perfect style & tall body, he has a perfect appearance that any woman will be attracted to. In the story, he is admitted to the hospital after a workplace accident.

Another lead actress who will star along with Sung Hoon is Geummi from Crayon Pop.

Web drama “Six room” is scheduled to be distributed through the neighbor Safety and Health Authority social network services (SNS) this coming November.

Translated by : Sung Hoon Super Fans

Source: Star MK, SungHoon Cafe, Mangkoos Blog