Geummi filming for webdrama “28 Faces Of The Moon”

As previously reported, Geummi would be appearing as the 2nd female lead for 8 10-minute episode drama, titled “28 Faces Of The Moon”. The filming was from 15 June to 19 June 2015. It is labeled to be a mystery love drama, with its main location being at a mysterious cabin. The web drama will air on online channels in Japan and China in August, and then air on TV in Korea in the fall.

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong (also starring in Way’s musical “Love Comes With the Rain”) will be the lead in the new drama along with actress Yang Jin Sung (My Unfortunate Boyfriend, Secret Love, City Hunter). Geummi will be the second female lead, paired with second lead actor Kang Tae Hwan. The drama tells the story of a man whose life takes a downward spiral after his fiance dies just days before their upcoming marriage.

Kim Kyu Jong will play Kang Woo while Yang Jin Sung will play two roles: Kang Woo’s fiance, and Joo Hye, the girl Kang Woo falls in love with after his fiance’s death. Geummi will play the character Sujin, a TV broadcaster who’s had a crush on Kang Tae Hwan’s character, a TV PD since her school days. They will explore a love story separate from Kim Kyu Jong and Yan Jin Sung’s.

The production team Aura Media stated, “There’s rising anticipation for Yang Jin Sung, playing two roles, and Kim Kyu Jong, playing a character full of scars from his past. We picked the cast thinking of actors who will effectively deliver the diverse emotions that these characters hold. We have confirmed all the cast members and we recently finished the script reading. Filming will take place soon.”

Source: Gukje News, OSEN

Source: OSEN, FFI
Via: Soompi