‘FM’ album messages translated

Tumblr blog, Chrome+FAMILY has translated the various messages in the ‘FM’ album.


❤While preparing for this album❤
Our fans have waited a lot..ㅠ.ㅠ
Really, in one year Crayon Pop’s album occurred for me…
I missed you a lot…>.<❤I didn’t change, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing ㅡ0ㅡ hehe Thank you so much for waiting❤ While preparing this album, to those of you who suffered~thank you so much!!! To Sinsadong Tiger composer-nim, who wrote this good song, thank you! Representatives, company heads, and our managers, our makeup artist little sisters, thank you so much❤❤️️❤️️ I will make it so that Soyul is your healing. Hehe Once again I will have strength like you and lift you up. I really love you a lot, my mom, dad, and brother, I love you. My same-year people 🌟5th generation🌟 I love you and I am your friend! Above all else, our Crayon Pop members who have suffered together, I love you and I love you♡ In the future Soyul will spring up and become better^^❤ ♡You know I’m a fairy♡ I love you forever, kiss>.<!

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Our fans have waited a lot..! I’m sorry, hehe
Finally Yongpop have come back with a new album! hehe
All this time you have waited and supported silently, thank you so much hehe!
All this time due to different schedules.. Also with this music, I hope it can give you more pleasure and not disappoint you..
It think we were burdened with all the ideas! It was probably because we put more passion into this album, nonetheless, please love it a lot
All this time while preparing this album, a lot of you gave me strength
First, thank you to our representatives Hwang Doomok, Lee Sungyeon, the ones who took care of us, our managers
Our stylist team, image team, Chrome family, Aunt Soonsu team, Lulu Eyelashes, our MV team who struggled all night
The most considerable person who made fm a nice song, Tiger-oppa, Monster Factory oppas
Kim Changseob boss and Kim Homyeong-unnie who made us warriors
Lydia’s team who made the pretty costumes, thank you always. When we are tired, you kept cheering for us. Our family Bumo-nim, Jongminnie, Jung Hoon (Hyunmin)
Our five Obok girls, Giya, Rama, Jissu, Ssumini Jjuyam, Manseop-oppa, my friends
All our Korean and foreign fans, thank you to all of you, hehe
A hit will come from this album!!!!

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Wow♡ Finally our Crayon Pop’s 2nd Album!!! Ddudun!!!!! Really, in a whole year…I’m shaking with tension!!!
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so longㅠ_ㅠ
For those who have waited for so long, we will work hard so that this album and our schedules won’t disappoint!!!
This time in our preparations, there are certainly a lot of people to thank as well.
First, thank you to CEO Hwang Hyunchang! You suffered a lot for this album!!!!!!ㅠ_ㅠ
And you who always suffer a lot.. our Chrome Family! Im Suwon Company Head who is like a mother, kkomkkomi Sungsoo Company Head, and Sangpil’s Team, I’m always grateful for you!
Also our ugly health man Jung Buin-teacher,, I’m always grateful for that ugly expression♡
Jaeseok boss who always draws me prettily, Hong Kong actor Manager Sangdoo, our cute but great Eunjung
Really really cute Yena and Soyeon, also our Ara who suffered with the heavy camera, Jinwon team, thank you a lot!
Stylists and makeup artists who suffered a lot, Goeun, Eunji, Hyeeun, thank you so so much always♡♡♡
To Aunt Youngim who always gives us delicious and warm rice, thank you!
The ones who always cheer for us, K-Much Kiu, Ato, G.Low, BornUs/Zan Zan Mingu-oppa, Jungmo-oppa/Jina,Yujeong, Dahye, and Danbi, thank you!
To Representative Lee Sungyeon who always gives us a lot of strength, thank you^^
To the directors who suffered a lot outside, Ji Sungho and Kang Shingyoung, thank you!
To the composers who give a good song this time, Shinsadong Tiger, Monster Factory, Song Jihoon PD-nim, Kim Yoomin PD-nim, thank you!
To the teachers who taught good choreography, Kim Changseop and Kim Homyeong, thank you.
To the directors who made the MV so fun, Tiger Cave, Lee Kibaek, assistant director Jang Dongjoo, thank you.
To Representatives Lydia and Ahn Yoojung who always make the best costumes, this time you suffered a lot. Thank you!
To the ones who prettily decorated the Dosan headquarters, thank you♡
To my the Department Director Lee Byeongwoo and my professors at Sungshin Women’s University, always thank you! Our classmates, I love you♡
My love Yoonjung-unnie always thank you, and also to the one who can’t change, my friends Boram, Miri, Hyeri, really thank you.
My nephew Jian, Eunchae who becomes prettier and prettier♡ My treasure new year Lali also, thank you♡
My dynamic father, mother, brother, sister, I love you♡
Our Crayon Pop member, love you love you♡♡♡
And finally, my thanks is always decorated with
My beloved❤Fans❤You all!
My heart is always sorry and thankful to you!
Let’s make a lot of good memories with these activities!!
I love you, I give you my whole heart❤❤❤Bbyong!!

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❤Everyone^^ Finally after waiting and waiting, our Crayon Pop 2nd Album has arrived
I think this album meets you with a more mature appearance of Crayon Pop^^
To you the fans who believed in us and waited a long time for us to finish, thank you. And you are already anticipating it with excitement before its release>.<❤
In any book in this world, all the heartbeats that came would have been called a warning…
Do you allow us to come to you and once more will you give us great strength?
We’ll also work hard to repay this great strength!!! I thank you and love you always~❤ Our fans, I want to see youㅜㅜ Heuheuk
Also our Chrome family who I don’t always see at that place, thank you for being such strong reinforcements.
K-MUCH, Zan Zan oppas thank you for always working hard to show a good appearance, do you know they are always here cheering?
A lot of people give me love to become the best singer❤
Also Chrome CEO Hwang.Hyun,Chang. Representative who always takes care of us and shows a lot of effort, thank you.
To the ones who made this album’s good song, Producer Shinsadong and Monster Factory, thank you.
To the ones who create the best choreography, Choreographer Kim Changseop, Teacher Kim Homyeong, thank you.
To the MV Director Tiger Cave Lee Kibaek, thank you.
I think with these album, our Crayon Pop members show a new sensation.
Let’s make 2015 our year! Are you going to get started?

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To the ones who always suffer together with us, Representatives Hwang Hyunchang and Lee Sungyeong, managers Soowon and Sungsoo, team leader Sangpil, manager Buin, artist Jaeseok, team leader Jinwon, manager Sangdoo, Ahmin-unnie, Soyeon, and Aunt Youngim,
Ara, Yena, Eunji, Eunjung, Goeun, Hyeeun, also K-MUCH friends and Zan Zan oppas
All other Chrome Entertainment family
Always, thank you.
This activity is really fun, I hope it makes you smile!!
To the ones who made this song, Shinsadong Tiger, Kim Yoomin, Song Jihoon PD-nim, thank you!!
Always to the ones who make the best clothes for us, Representative Ahn Yoojung and Lydia family members, thank you!
Soonsoo, Lulu and her children thank you❤
Also thank you to my Seoul University professors and all my classmates~!
When preparing this album my musical ‘Princess Deokhye seniors really became my great strength, thank you so much, I love you!
Also my special people Hyeri, Boram, Miri, Heedong-unnie, Yoondong-unnie, Kyeongho, Daye, Gonjoo, Dad, Mom, brother, Minseon, really, thank you, and I love you❤
Our Crayon Pop members who kept the strength for this album, fighting!❤ Finally, to you our fans~!!
With this new album we want to repay you for always being there
I hope we can be become your healing and always show effort and develop healing
I love you❤ Thank you! FM Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Jackpot~~♡

Source: Chrome + FAMILY Tumblr