Fan Project: Crayon Pop 2nd Anniversary Message Book + Cake + Charity Donation

July 19 2012 was Crayon Pop’s Korean debut, and we are quickly approaching their second anniversary. We here at, along with Crayon Pop Reddit, Crayon Pop US Facebook, CPSS are combining efforts to create this project for the girls. We’re planning on sending them a message book with various compiled fanart that we have obtained from fans over the past few months, and messages from International fans.

We want many messages for this message book, to hopefully showcase that their international fanbase is increasing! The message book will have a hard cover and be professionally printed by a book company. The message book will have around 75 to 100 pages. We will also be needing donations as well to produce the message book and fund the various other items including donating rice wreaths. The rice wreaths will be sent to Chrome, and Crayon Pop can designate which charity they would like to donate in their name. You can read more about rice wreath donations here.

  1. Message book – $60.86
  2. Cake – $120
  3. Rice wreaths – $1071
  4. Shipping – $95

Hence the total needed is $383.

In order for us to make this happen, we need you (the fans) to help with a small donation. Our budget for this project is $383.00. If the received donations exceed the required budget, we will be able to procure more rice bags that Crayon Pop can donate in their name. Let’s answer Crayon Pop’s hopes of being able to do more charity in the year 2014!

Please have the donations sent to PayPal:
When you’re sending in the money, please remember to send it as “Gift”, and have the fees paid for. Once we receive the funds, your donation status will be updated again on this post.

Message Book

We would like fans to provide their congratulatory messages to Crayon Pop. However, in our experience, most messages turn out to be very generic! Such as how “Crayon Pop healed me of my ____ life problems. They motivated me after watching them struggle on the streets and through CPTV.”

Hence, to spice up the message book, so that you can leave an impression on Crayon Pop, we are implementing scenario questions in addition to the simple messages, such as

You are out camping with Ellin and Way. Ellin is in the river and is being washed away. Way just ate a poisonous mushroom and needs immediate medical attention. What do you do?

This is meant to spark your creativity in creating a memorable response for one of these scenario questions. Use your knowledge of what you gathered from CPTV, their appearances on variety shows to give an answer that would best match the member’s personality.

Besides these scenario questions, you are allowed to have a short message (<50 English words/<100 Korean characters) for Crayon Pop that will be tagged on to your scenario answer. If you truly can’t think of anything, feel free to just leave a simple message (subject to <200 English words/350 Korean characters).

General Rules

  1. No offensive words. A little teasing may be allowed at our discretion.
  2. Congratulate them on their 2nd anniversary! Try to make it sound interesting and meaningful.
  3. Only English and Korean messages will be accepted.
  4. Do not use Google/Bing translate to translate your message to Korean. Our in house CPSS translators will do it.
  5. Choose 1 out of the 8 scenario questions or none if you really can’t think of a good answer (We will choose the 1st response if you do more than one). Make it an interesting and out of the world response! This is to make your message more meaningful and more memorable. Who knows, maybe one day when you meet them you can say that you had made this response, and they will remember! Word limit is 250 English words/300 Korean characters.

Please fill in the form here!

The deadline for messages is 15 June 2014, 11:59PM PDT.

Donations will be open till the end of June.

Received Donations

  1. Anonymous – $22
  2. Krayon Oi – $18.92
  3. Bob – $460
  4. CrayonGeneration – $18.08
  5. Duane – $30
  6. SinZz – $20
  7. Anthony – $10
  8. FF – $47.30
  9. Captain Baboon – $7.09
  10. Francis B – $13.45
  11. rotocrash – $100
  12. jude28 – $28.28
  13. Hovinalle – $15
  14. Kagey Pop – $300
  15. CP Ranger – $33.33
  16. CKtalon – $8.41

Total: $1131.86