Fan dedication Spotlight

Crayon Pop is well known to have ardent fans, and most of them are beyond the typical Kpop age demographics. As of last year, the average age of the fandom in Korea was 34 years old, and predominantly male. Among these fans is E. Rhee, an Assistant Professor in Computer System Engineering at Sangmyung University. In one of his recently published journal articles (E. Rhee and C.J. Kim, “Electromagnetc Compatibility Analysis for the Railway Telecommunication Intra-subsystem”, International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications, Vol. 8, No. 5, (2014), pp. 115-126.), he thanked all the members of Crayon Pop by their real names  for their encouragement and moral support in his acknowledgement section.

This publication was also mentioned by Choa in an interview. According to people who know him, Prof. Rhee commonly ends his questions with “Pop! Pop! Crayon Pop!”, and his students have followed suit with that in a bid to obtain additional credit for their work. Prof. Rhee is really a true fan who tries to spread the love and joy that is Crayon Pop.

Source: IJSEIA, Daum Fancafe, Sangmyung University