[ENG SUB] Twins TV Episode 4 – Twins’ Hanbok Experience

Crayon Pop Me Subs has added subtitles for the twins on their Twins TV channel. Go ahead and watch it with English subtitles!

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team
Translators: apieth, CKtalon, Blue Storm
Timer: apieth

  • ezekiel

    thank you..^^

  • Nacho Bidnith

    I’d watch anything with these 2 in it, and though it may seem simple, the girls are obviously doing their best to make it fun to watch. And it is. I especially like their choice of background music. I wonder how they decide what to use?
    Showing themselves doing different activities, and showing how they interact with each other gives me a much better insight into who they are as people. That was always one of Crayon Pop’s strongest appeals to me, to show themselves as people and not just a girl group singing and dancing.
    Though it was fun to watch without the subtitles, being able to read what they’re saying makes it even more enjoyable.
    I don’t know what their intentions were when they decided to do this but I’m glad they did. I think there’s a bright future ahead for both these young women and as long as they wish to entertain us, I’ll be here for them.

  • Kid-Simple

    Thanks for the subs! I’m curious who writes the funny comments in the video…

    • Wojcik117

      Yeah and I’m curious who does the editing overall.

      • apieth

        Perhaps Way.

  • h4iumb1

    Thanks a lot apieth, CKtalon and Blue Storm

  • rotocrash

    Fine ambassadors for Korea. Very enjoyable and educational.