[ENG SUB] Twins TV Episode 3 – Way’s Hidden Culinary Skills Revealed

Crayon Pop Me Subs has added subtitles for the twins on their Twins TV channel. Go ahead and watch it with English subtitles!

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team
Translators: apieth, CKtalon, Blue Storm
Timer: apieth

  • Tippatai Vichaitanapat

    sooo fast thanks sub team!

  • Steel Knot

    sooo fast thanks sub team!

  • Helicopter Parents

    Here’s that rice seasoning: http://www.ezionmarket.com/encategory/index.php/ready/beksul-furikake-rice-seasoning-vegetable.html

    You get three packets per bag, so a little seems to go a long way.

  • ian chan

    lol she punches the rice lol

  • h4iumb1

    Thank you!!

  • derKAHLE

    Thanks sub team!!

  • Wojcik117
    • apieth


  • Clay

    I like Choas Supreme red sweatshirt. Way, please stop scaring your sister. I’m so happy we have Twin TV now. Thanks for the subs.

  • Clay

    On another note, where is Geummi? She hasn’t posted in a while. What does that girl do all day to fill the hours? I miss her and Boktae. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dfb3b0b1ff4aba5d87037b1519ddcdae067eacc943d84635bb32bbaa45074b8e.jpg

    • Drakis07

      That is just MY theory nothing serious or true, but we all know that she is close to Soyul so maybe she is helping Soyul with her wedding preparation. Girls seem always need of a close friend to help her with wedding. But like i said it’s only MY theory so it’s not a rumor or something true.

  • ian chan

    what is that garlic stem??
    look like pickled

    • apieth

      Seems so

  • CP Hwaiting

    Way is always fun in whatever she does!

  • Way’s Girls Recruit

    Nice to know Way is being well-fed. Her nomming, makes me miss her squishy cheeks! Also every time she she snipped something off camera, I kept freaking out thinking she is snipping her beautiful hair rather than her ingredients.