[ENG SUB] Strawberry Milk’s Greeting Message & Mini-album Showcase

The twins did a short video shortly before heading to KBS Music Bank for ZENITH Global Internet News. Please support Strawberry Milk by buying their album, voting on them on music shows, and charts!

Remember to turn on Closed Captions (CC) for the subs.

  • (this is for those whose mobile devices cant play the subtitles)
    0:04 Zenith Global News Subscribers, Hello! We are Strawberry Milk’s Choa and Way
    0:10 It feels so different meet you as (Crayonpop) sub-unit.
    0:13 Please give us your support and love for our new mini album title ‘OK’
    0:18 And, the weather has been chilly. We wish Zenith Global subscribers don’t catch a cold and stay warm. Ok~?
    0:25 Please look forward to seeing Strawberry Milk, and love Crayon Pop alot as well
    0:30 Thank you ~