[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop TV Season 3 EP01 (Las Vegas Edition) 29 July 2014

Follow Crayon Pop as they enjoy Las Vegas while on tour with Lady Gaga for her artRAVE concerts. Spot some special cameos of CPSS and CrayonPop.me staff! Also, our CrayonPop.me compiled 2nd anniversary message book was singled out by Soyul in this episode, and some of your answers (looking at you GBuster) were even read out!

Crayon Pop Slave Subs Team
Translators: CulturedApe, hg4wee
Timers: toot, delyn- and aRrgh (Special thanks to Amo)
English QC: kwi_et

If you are interested in the fancam footage from our point of view, check out the video below!