[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop TV – Mini Sports Meet 03 July 2014

With today being Crayon Pop’s 2nd anniversary, what better way to enjoy the festivities by watching the latest English subbed release of CPTV? =)

Crayon Pop held a mini-sports meet back in May 2014, where they played an old Running Man game (Photozone). The girls also took part in quizzes, an eating contest and a treasure hunt. They rounded it off with punishments for the losers by having to do bizarre poses. The winner goes on a shopping spree with her prize money.

Crayon Pop Slaves Subs Team

Translator: CulturedApe
Timers: aRrgh, hana, delyn-, sleeves

Special thanks to hg4wee!

  • apieth

    I love u cpss ^^

  • Guest

    thanks ma boys!!

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    thanks a million!! would love to watch this!

  • Rob B

    So who got pissed and kicked the wall? lol And nice camera advertising… lol

  • georgeaspa

    This was the best day EVER(for me), and CPSS just said “f*ck that, we’ll make it even better…here’s some eng sub CPTV.”

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  • termyt

    Thanks CPSS, and Happy Anniversary to Crayon Pop!

  • apieth

    I will watch it carefully bcoz this is your hardwork ^^
    Really apreciate it

  • Happy anniversary & may the Force be with YongPop.. always!

  • Neonmoon

    H2A..Reach 4 the Stars!..to boldly go where no man has gone before..lol

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    Great job as always, thanks CPSS!