[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop – Tooniverse Nangam School 2 28 Apr 2014

Crayon Pop appears on Tooniverse’s Nangam School where they introduce themselves and play a few games with the children, and the hosts, MBLAQ’s Mir and Jewelry’s Yewon.

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Crayon Pop Slave Subs Team

Translator: CulturedApe
Timer: aRrgh

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  • CulturedApe

    Pairee~ pairee~ lol

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    Its too late, but thanks 😀

  • Omid

    Please upload it again i wanted download but the was not on server

    • Updated

      • Omid

        Thank you very much.
        You have a channel on YouTube, right?
        I have a request😊
        Can you make subtitle for “match made in heaven”episodes 8, 9 and 10. soyul was on these episodes.

        • It was subbed by other groups like KShowNow. The videos might have been deleted, but it is likely you can find it if you dig deep enough.