[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop on HanLove 22 Dec 2014

The members of Crayon Pop are required to answer a question about each member within 3 seconds on Japanese show, Han Love. Is this the true Crayon Pop?

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team
Korean QC: hg4wee
Japanese Translator: Kid Simple
Timing: aRrgh
Typsetting/Editing: CKtalon

Thank you Kid Simple for translating the Japanese for us! Also thank you to Crayon Poppers for recording the episode.

  • PopjusshiG

    Thanks for the sub! I really enjoy the five of them together, each one has their different charm as Geummi said, Ellin replied “that’s why we’re Crayon Pop right”. Couldn’t have said it better myself Ellin! Crayon Pop Fighting!!!!!

  • How about a ‘Best Fan-subbers’ award for u guys?
    I mean, look at the multinational credits, that’s teamwork for u, right there!

  • Jack_Dawson

    Analyzing this video
    It’s just supposition:
    Ellin is girlfriend of Kiu(K-much)
    Way is girlfriend of G.low(K-much)
    I think they (Gummi, Way and Ellin) revealed this information with keywords.
    is only supposition.

  • Kid-Simple

    I think Way is imitating Soyul’s hair flip at 1:14… 🙂

    • apieth


  • robertrickett

    Been a while since I’ve heard this type of Crayon Pop banter and it seems their getting better at it. Thanks for subbing and posting. Very refreshing.

  • Sakurai

    lol their reactions are the best! ^^