[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop – HanLove 11 Mar 2013

Enjoy this old video of Crayon Pop on Japanese show, HanLove with Sogeum and Elcho fighting it out in a round of 3 different games, with Way as the MC.
P.S. CPSS has broken the 10,000 subscribers mark~

Crayon Pop Slave Subs Team

Korean QC: hg4wee
Japanese Translators: mmbkr, topvillage
Timer: aRrgh

  • Donnie G

    So unexpected! Great start to the morning!

  • Sogeum = Soyul, Elcho = Ellin, in Japanese right?

    • CP Ranger

      SoGeum = Soyul & Geummi
      ElCho = Ellin & Choa

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    That must’ve been torture for Way to moderate that eating contest, though Choa was nice enough to share some at the end.

  • I wanna play ping pong with them >_< 😀