[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop – Fun Fun Tour Episode 4/4 17 Aug 2014

Catch the 4th and last episode of Crayon Pop’s Fun Fun Tour in Gangwondo. In this episode, we see Way and Soyul embark on a boat trip to catch octopuses, while Choa goes on a diving experience to catch seafood. After a stopover at a grocery store, Crayon Pop try their hand at surfing to surprising results.

This was a collaboration with 百度Crayon Pop吧, who kindly provided their subtitles.

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team

Korean QC: antman, hg4wee
Translators: antman, CKtalon, toot
Segmenters: aRrgh, apieth

  • PopjusshiG

    Thanks for the New Years surprise!

  • Nacho Bidnith

    I just finished watching the final episode of the Fun Fun tour and it was great. As a former surfer, it was a lot of fun watching the girls learn to surf, but overall, the entire series was very enjoyable to watch.

    I’ve said this before in other posts, but I think it’s a brilliant idea to have KPop artists interact with the public like the way the girls have done in their Crayon Pop TV series. I believe it helps to keep the artists grounded in real life, as well as strengthening the bonds between them and their fans. I know for myself, I feel a lot more invested in their success because I feel like I’m part of it, even if it’s only from watching it on the internet/TV.

    • NeonMoon

      Right on brah…the girls surfin’ just awesome..n the constant eating…lol

  • h4iumb1

    All episodes were really enjoyable. I got the impression that the (female) PD liked Way the most because she got al lot of extra subtitles and airtime (it started with the all purpose towel). But that is okay with me. 😉 Ellin is so funny because she speaks the truth without thinking – “Oppa that looks really ugly” 😀 SoYul is tough as nails but on the other side a little wimp 😉 ChoA really loves the water (even though she had to be rescued in Dream Team) and Geummi always stays her balanced loveable self in every situation. All in all a great tour and thanks a lot for your hard work subbing it.

  • Kid-Simple

    Crayon Pop is girly in ways you might expect, and un-girly in ways you wouldn’t. They are really genuine and easy to like! It was great to see them get back to nature and interact with the locals, even if it was all a bit scripted. (lol at the ending) Thanks for the hard work subbing all 4 long parts, it is really appreciated.

  • CP Hwaiting

    The episodes are unavailable.. Can it be reposted?